Automotive Wire color abbreviations

To trace wiring diagrams, vehicle manufacturers designed the wires so that you can identify it using its wire colors. This color acts as a code so you can easily follow its origin and path.

When analyzing automotive wiring diagrams, if you know the color of the wire, you can trace the component associated with it and the rest of the circuits that is working with that component.

In reading automotive wiring codes, every automotive wiring diagram has its own color-coding abbreviations to make it easy for you. Here are some wiring color abbreviations use on most domestic and imported cars:

Brown Brn Bn
Dark Blue DrBlu DkBu
Dark Green DrGrn DkGn
Light Blue LT Blu Lt Bu
Light Green Lt Grn Lt Gn
Orange Org Og
Pink Pnk Pk
Purple Ppl Pl
RED Red Red
TAN Tan Tan
Violet Vio Vi
White Wht Wt
Violet Vio Vi
Yellow Yel Yl


To help you in tracing automotive wiring color, most cars uses BLACK wire as ground wire and RED wire as power supply wire. This is especially true with domestic cars but it is different with imported cars. To get a complete set of wiring codes, avail yourself a wiring manual for your specific vehicle.

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