Truck repair is not easy anymore if you do not get an online automotive help!

Truck repair

There used to be a time a few years ago that truck repair can be done by almost anybody without too much training and simple tools. Not anymore. Now, before you can even touch it you need to undergo some electronics training so you can understand how your engine works. That has been solved lately so that ordinary folks like you can also do some truck repair jobs yourself!

To begin performing truck repair, here are simple lists of tools you need:

A digital voltmeter

A check engine light scanner

ST125 spark tester and a NOID light tester for your particular vehicle

A test light able to handle electronics components and basic hand tools

Basic hand tools

All of these tools can be bought under $300 but it will almost pay for itself in one garage visit!

You can buy a good digital voltmeter for under $100 and the same is true for the scanner which depends on the model of your truck. For obd2 system (truck made after 1996) sometimes you can get free scanning by going to your local parts store. A ST125 spark tester can be bought under $10 including the noid light tester and test light as well.

One of the best tools for fixing truck repair is a paid membership to an online automotive repair club so they can assist you in case of trouble. Why a paid membership? As the saying goes, you get what you paid for. If the membership is free, then what do you expect to get? Zero! Most of this paid membership is worth your money and will pay for itself even on your first truck repair problem. Remember how much garages now charges these days? Even your $100 will not go too far. That might be spent on checking only NOT the actual repair. Besides, membership can be tried on a warranty period and if it is not offered, do not buy it even it is free.

One outstanding feature of your paid online truck repair assist club is the presence of fixes database. This database should have all the fixes applicable to your truck which can be accessed by you or emailed to you as the membership requires. Having one will save you thousands of hours of research especially when your truck breaks down.

Database should include all kinds of vacuum and wiring diagrams, common fixes, service bulletins and recalls. When choosing an online service, get the one with a certified technician who can interact with you. This way, you can easily understand any technical stuff if you want clarifications. Contacts should be done in emails which ensure prompt response.

Truck repair does not have to be difficult if you know this information. Due to complexity to some electronics problems of truck repair, restrict yourself to common fixes that are obvious and easy to do and phone around for estimates for those problems that requires complicated tools to repair.

As most garage research has recently shown, they usually make the most money in doing the easy common jobs which you should get into so you can save money. Examples are changing sensors, relays, solenoids and even engine computers. However, the trick is to know when to do this so you only change the parts that are necessary (an online advisor mechanic can help you decide on that).

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