Keep your cost down and your truck in top shape by having a good truck maintence program!

If you have a truck vehicle use for business, it is about time to implement a good truck maintenance program.


Unless you have a 4X4 truck and you do a lot of off road driving, the most ordinary commercial trucks used in the trucking industry needs a solid truck maintenance program. Why? Because these trucks are always subject to abuse especially if the truck is used for such loads as towing and hauling big cargos. Such tough freights assigned to the trucks are forcing major truck components to their limits which then require more truck maintenance whether we like it or not.

But how do begin to tackle this maintenance issue if you were the owner of these trucks?

Setting up a good maintenance program is your answer for this problem and here are some few simple suggestions that are recommended which are being used by a lot of trucking management companies:

Always wash the trucks at the end of the day

The dirtier the environment the more often the washing should be done. A wash bay should be incorporated in your maintenance shop to accommodate this. Washing helps because it makes all defective pars easier to see including the prevention of dust and dirt build up which are not helpful to the working components parts.

Perform the daily checklist inspection

This checklist is a 5 minute form that the driver will fill out everyday which reports all the truck performance daily which should be submitted when the trucks are being used outside the company premises. The thing to watch here is making sure the checklist is filled properly by the driver, otherwise it will not work.

Actually if the driver likes his truck, he will be encouraged to report it because he does not want the truck to be down. On our part, just make sure proper repairs are done once the defect is reported to show the drivers that we care about their reports.

Perform the maintenance truck schedule

This schedule should include all the daily, monthly, 6 months and yearly schedule required for the truck maintenance which is recommended by the truck manufacturer.
This will cover such common jobs like regular oil change, brake inspection, rotation of tires, tune ups and even major overhaul jobs.

Perform regular painting and body repairs

Painting should be a regular part of the maintenance because the last thing a driver need is to drive a truck with all kinds of dents and damage and showing your company logo. A nice clean truck is a good advertising for your company.

Gather all the maintenance info

With a basic computer and cheap software, most of the reports and servicing above can be compiled in a computer. This in turn can be used to output the maintenance schedule and planning which can also include all future repairs if necessary.

There are more sophisticated way to run truck maintenance software like having a meter in the truck on how it is used which can also incorporate when to do the maintenance service schedules. However, the above practices are the most basic that you can have to get the same good truck maintenance goal.

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