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Join ATS today and get "one on one" assistance from licensed mechanics 7 days a week. We have retired engineers/technicians waiting to help you!

Here is another example of ATS customer's comment...

"I have a 91'S-10 Blazer and recently a new engine was installed a few days ago. I realized my oil pressure gauge would not respond unless I punched the accelerator. On my way to work today a horrible knocking was emanating from my engine. Please help me, with this I have put a lot of money in this truck and I do not want to get rid of it. Thank you."...

From a ATS prospect

Based on this is obvious that the person above has difficulty checking his/her engine after it was replaced. If he/she was an ATS member, I could have e-mailed to him/her with what to look for and even what to say to the garage so that he/she could get warranty.

Try and analyze this problem...

"I just bought a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra and didn't make it but 10 miles when it shut down just like I had turned the key off. The engine would turn but not start, after letting it sit for 3 hours it started and I made it 8 miles before it shut down again. Letting it sit overnight; I finally made it the last 4 miles home where it shut down.
I was told by the car lot that I bought it as is, so I guess I am out my money plus $157.00 in new parts that was put on it today. A mechanic advised that it was either the Ignition control module and or the coil packs. All those have been put on the engine and it still won't run over 15 minutes without shutting down.

No warning lights come on, and it runs and sounds nice and quiet when it is running. Can you please give me some suggestions on what the problem could be and what I can do to fix it?"...From another ATS prospect

And this is what happened after she joined ATS!

"Just wanted to let you know that they came and got my car late last night and they fixed it today. Cost me $30.00 for the part, I must say that he seemed shocked when I knew what he was talking about. It was the crank sensor as you said. It drives like a dream now, with the exception that it needs new shocks I think.

Thank you so much for your help and kindness. I really had it last night, because when he left here, he left driving it and said he knew that car and he knew he could make it 30 miles without any trouble. He made it 15 and it died, but he owns a tow truck. I was amazed that he admitted it to me that it did it to him also"........................................Mary S. from Kentucky,USA.

Even if you have no mechanical or electrical background, ATS is so simple to understand. You'll be recieving direct ONE-on-ONE interaction with our technician, and you will immediately grasp the pertinent info you need when dealing with garages.

So even if you don't want to work on it, if you know what to say to your garage, then there is no chance that you vehicle will be repaired with SURPRISES.

This is how ATS will help you fix your vehicle:

"This is for people who cannot afford to have their vehicle fixed by garages (that will charge you from $75-$100 an hour), and want to fix it themselves "

bullet How to check the "check engine light" in your dash using a cheap scanner under $50.

bullet In November 2013, a popular brand vehicle had an INTERMITTENT stall and was on LIMPED mode (won't run past 30 mph) that ALREADY spent over a week at a dealer. I will show you how I fixed it in 15 minutes using ATS! You won't believe this though... the scanner I used came from AMAZON that cost $49!

bullet Give you the meaning of any fault code/s you find in your scanner. Finding the code is NOT the solution to the vehicle's problem... it is the FIX which you will discover AFTER you get the quick tests from ATS.

bullet Send you all the time tested checks to verify those fault codes. Checking the fault code is sometimes confusing if you have 2-3 of them -- it's hard to know where to start. ATS will give you the sequence so you can begin testing the easy and logical way!

bullet A lot of times even a $300 scanner will not simply work for you if the engine component or wirings is shorted. Result? Blank scanner monitor or NO COMMUNICATION codes called "U"? dash gauges going everywhere? no start? Now where to begin? ATS 5 minute tests will show you how to do it with a special techniques mechanics in 2014 are using all the time!

bullet You will get SPECIFIC wiring diagrams, drawings, pictures of the component you are investigating to make it easier for you.

bullet Give you all the PROVEN checks to verify that the fault code is fixed. Lots of mechanics and even garages still don't do this sometimes especially if they know they can get away with it and confuse you.

bullet Tell you which part(s) to buy from the dealer or your local parts store/salvage yard so you can fix it right the first time and SAVE A TON!

bullet Show you how to check any engine (even a used one) so that you will know if it's a GOOD engine before you install it. Compression test does not work anymore!

bullet New vehicle practices like warming up, and do you need them? Which used car or truck will save you gas or which vehicle has lower maintenance cost?


How to fix Intermittent Troubleshooting Problem:

Intermittent problems are a pain in the neck. It does not occur all the time but when it does, it's when you least expect it. As a matter of fact, it will not even show itself when you take it to a mechanic. Examples are cutting out or stalling, surging, no-start, loss of power, hesitation, etc. ATS will show you how to check this nasty problem once and for all by using the latest techniques used by top mechanics!

Finally, ATS came up with these tests that allow you to check your engine components quickly. Also it will allow you to fix the problem even without your engine displaying any engine fault code.

Here are some ATS features to help you fix most engine problems:

bullet The cheapest way to test your engine computer without using a scanner in case you don't have one. (ATS will show it to you during no starts).

bullet Quick techniques you need to understand a vehicle wiring diagram

bullet If you have a scanner with live data stream...this simple trick will help you determine if your engine sensors are OK or not!

bullet The one strategy you need to know if you want to learn PRACTICAL troubleshooting!

bullet Using a scanner with live data stream, ATS will show you how to test your engine for power and performance without touching any sensor or wirings

bullet Common engine sensors to disconnect when you have hesitation, stalling and cutting out (this has to be done one at a time in order to work)

bullet Quickest way to chemically tune up your vehicle once a year and regain your engine fuel mileage (this can be done in under 30 minutes)

bullet Quickest way to verify the integrity of your ignition system if you don't have spark.

bullet Common sensor to check if the engine won't start during cold weather and show you it's location so you can test and replace it easily.

bullet The most common ignition part to replace when your vehicles stalls after warming it up or if you have to wait for the engine to cool down to start it again!

bullet This sensor has to be replaced when your engine will only start by pushing the gas pedal to the floor.

bullet This sensor needs replacing when you have no fuel and no spark.

bullet 20 minute check up used by top mechanics to test your engine wirings which works 95% most of the time. No hi tech tools required!

bullet This quick tap test will check your engine computer (ecm) for defects. Then we'll show you how to inspect the ecm before you replace it.

Here's what people say about ATS:

Hello Rich, I ended up replacing the engine computer with a new one. My truck did have the right one according to the part number on the box - even though it wasn't good. Anyhow to make a long story short she started right up. That was five minutes ago. I'm going back to finish putting it all together. I really appreciate all your help. You were excellent and patient enough to see it through the end. Without you I probably would have replaced both fuel pumps at over $100 each and still had no results.
.......Randy S. (on his F150 ford truck)

Hi Rich I got the fuel injector/regulator today and installed it. Checked the fuel pressure and it was 60 lbs and just stayed there. The truck runs the best its' run in 6 months HOORAY! Thanks for all your help and hopefully you won't hear from me for a while :-)
........Dave H. 1995 Chevy Blazer

Dear Rich, thank you for all of your help. ATS is the best trouble shooting site on the web , I was very impressed with the direct response that I received to my questions. it only took 3 e-mails to get my no spark condition fixed with my 89' olds cutlass . my car is up and running as good as new thanks to you. thanks again you are the best.. and will recommend you to all my buddies we will spend less time searching for the problem and more time enjoying the free time and money saved by fixing it ourselves. thanks
.......Jeremy (on his 1989 Cutlass)

"Hello Richard, You were right! I installed a dealer Mazda clutch and the problem is gone. Thank you for your help!" .......Oscar R. (on his Mazda RX-7 1991 clutch problem)

Problem Solved! The picture is 99.9% the same. The hose that connects to the 6B608 nipple on the left side of the picture has an additional "L" shaped rubber connector that's not shown in the diagram. It adds a necessary 90-degree turn to the hose so it can connect to the nipple. And, it is in this "L" shaped connector I found a puncture. I plugged it with Motorcraft heat-sealing gasket compound from Ford and the problem disappeared! Thanks for guiding me in the right direction! Regards, . ...Paul S. (1998 Ford Escort)

I found a blown fuse in the engine compartment (at the relays) which fixed the problem - both the check engine light and the fuel pump work now. Thank you for your cooperation! .......Stefan H. (1993 Ford Taurus.)

Thanks Richard,The procedure below worked like a champ in about a minute and a half. I would have never figured that out on my own!!! I figured the system had a reset but just didn't know how or where! ......Kevin S. (1998 Plymouth Voyager)

Thanks Richard: Good exploded view, easy to interpret and I love the extras you have included which you do not get with a service manual. Telling me not to touch the strut bolts has already saved me the costs of an alignment. Thanks for your help. .........Clyde S. (1995 Toyota Camry)

Thank you! i replaced the heat control panel and Wallah! AC is back! ........Renee H. (1993 Caravan )

I recently had a problem with some routine transmission work done on my vehicle. The garage fixed the problem ok but created another which ultimately resulted in my car catching fire and being destroyed. To add insult to injury, I later found out that they had charged me three times the usual charge for the privilege. I tried to resolve this with the garage but because I have no knowledge of the workings of a vehicle and the manager was treating me like the "little female", I was really fighting a losing battle. I needed help from somebody that was independent and knew what they were talking about. I contacted several sites on the internet but the only site to reply with useful information was Rich at the ATS site. He talked to me in depth about the problem and gave me invaluable information to help me. It is very reassuring to know that there are professionals out there that are prepared to help. .........Sandra W. (1989 Dodge Sundance)

Can you afford not to have this INFO nowadays?

I doubt it. Actually, it's just like having a mechanic friend whom you can contact every time you have problems with your vehicle. Even if you don't like to get your hands dirty, knowing what to say to your garage/mechanic can help you protect yourself from RIP-OFFS!

And if you really want to fix the vehicle yourself, being a member of ATS gives you the latest info like updated service bulletins and recalls. You'll get things like labor and parts instructions that could save you money on labor and parts thereby making your repair quicker and economical.


So how much do you think ATS will costs you? For the amount of savings that I mentioned above, I bet this can sell easily for $300 because of the savings you will have in just one trip to the garage. For a limited time, I am selling this for a special price that you can afford (check below). This special price will be given to you if you buy before midnight tonight! And here are some BONUSES that you will get:

Bonus One

FREE online support by e-mail if you have questions about your car. The email instructions will come with drawings and wiring diagrams so you can understand it. We will work together until your car problem is solved. (This has unlimited value especially if your vehicle breaks down in strange places and if you can access a computer or Iphone, you can access ATS!).

Bonus Two

FREE 6 months subscription for the LATEST car repair SOLUTIONS and STRATEGIES that ATS compile every month.
(A $100 value)

Bonus Three

Get the ATS data link code adapter locator instructions and drawing for your vehicle. Discover how to get your engine Fault code yourself and save yourself a trip to the garage! Good up to 2014 for BOTH domestic and imports (depending on vehicle make). ATS will also supply the meaning of the codes that you get.( A $100 value)

Bonus Four

Free Service Bulletins and Recalls information for all vehicle models up to 2014. This will cover BOTH domestics and imports. (A bulletin number and complete description of the bulletin will be emailed to you upon your request). Now you will know if you qualify for ANY warranty. A priceless value.

Bonus Five

Save 50% or more on your next engine replacement. Using ATS INFO, find out how to check the engine accurately so you know it's good before installing it on your vehicle. (A $300 value)

Bonus Six

Unlimited wiring diagram ONLINE assistance on any vehicles up to 2014 models. This is excellent if you have difficulty using wiring diagrams and complicated service manuals. This includes any WIRING DIAGRAM you need for any vehicle both domestics and imports ($300 value)

Remember: You will get these BENEFITS as long as you are a member of ATS with NO monthly charges.

Get these ATS troubleshooting 2018 SECRETS now:

  • How to check your engine fault codes (and the FIXES) using everyday tools for both domestic and imported vehicles.

  • How to get ANY fault code for FREE in your location if you see your "service engine light" in your dash! ( for ANY car )

  • Secrets used by mechanics to test your engine computer by: scanner, testing sensors voltage reference, diagnostic link connector and computer pin connectors!

  • Step by step on how to use a wiring diagram, if you learn this, you can test anything! and guess what? We will send the SPECIFIC wiring diagram of your OWN car!

  • Quick tests for your Air Conditioner and your HEATER system using visual inspection!

  • Don't buy any sensor if your engine hesitates or misfires... you can service it and we will show you how!

  • Transmission starting to slip? Buy this special oil from the dealer and it will buy you time and get your tranny running like new!

  • Testing NO STARTS? These 2 SIMPLE tests will tell you right away if you have an ignition or fuel problem or both!

  • Mechanical tests that mechanics used for diagnosing engine problems!

  • Quick way to test ABS brakes? Don't waste your time... ATS will give you the RIGHT answer!

  • Best way to test MULTIPLEX circuits! ATS latest 2017 OFFER! Shown to you using a wiring diagram so you can understand it!

  • See these BASIC videos and learn quickly how mechanics do it!

  • VIDEO demo on how to test your spark in 2 minutes!
  • VIDEO demo on how to test your fuel injector in under 5 minutes!
  • VIDEO demo on how to restore your engine performance and SAVE gas! (priceless)
  • VIDEO demo on how to test your engine computer without going to a garage!
  • VIDEO demo on how to use ATS wiring diagram to fix any serious engine problem!

    These are just examples of what you will get if you join ATS right NOW!

  • You don't take the RISK, it's on me:

    Within 90 days, after going through this course and you do not agree that this is worth far more than you paid, just e-mail me a "refund" message. ATS will refund your money with no questions whatsoever. You can then keep all the information supplied to you as a gesture of thanks for taking the time.

    Or better still, here is the Final offer:

    Join TODAY and get a LIFETIME membership for 4 vehicles! (which includes common fixes, wiring diagrams and pictures, plus service bulletins and recalls for any 4 cars or trucks you own, BOTH domestic or import). This is like having the secret of what garages use to fix their vehicle problems, and fix them FAST!

    So here is the summary of what you are getting in ATS membership:

    1. Common fixes of any vehicle problems from early 70s upto 2014 (by email)
    2.) Any wiring diagrams that you need to fix your vehicle up to 2014 model (by email)
    3.) All parts and labor auto repair estimates to prevent rip-offs (by email)
    4.) One on one email service 7 days a week which you need if you get stuck in the road
    5.) All basic troubleshooting techniques, guides shown in ATS members site
    6.) One-time fee LIFETIME membership good for 4 vehicles

    All small companies, tradesmen and vehicle owners (both sexes) welcome!
    ATS has retired experienced mechanics, engineers eager to help you!

    Yours truly,

    Richard M.Trent

    786 Coral Spring Blvd. NE. Calgary,
    Alberta, CANADA

    Just look at these ATS members vehicle problem solving TURN AROUND...The fixes are waiting for you if you email or TEXT it with your cell phone!


    Hubert Z. from NC. USA

    Yes sir...I have a 2003 Chevy Malibu 3.1 liter. I have a no start condition I have spark and fuel pressure. But the injectors are not being grounded by the computer. Please help

    Fixed in one day

    Hi Rich,

    The problem with the car is the anti-theft system, I turn the ignition on for 15 minutes to let it reset and it started right up.

    Thanks a million!


    From Craig Harper

    Hey Rich,

    Working on my daughters car. 2000 Dodge Stratus 2.5. Died and "eveybody" said crank postion sensor notorious at going out on this car so I replaced it. Still no start. pulled a plug wire and got no spark. Any ideas? I did pull the oil cap and watched the cam stuff move, so know the timing belt isnt broken.


    Craig Harper

    Fixed on the same day!

    That took care of it! (ATS secret)...


    Craig Harper


    Paul Weir. son of Bob Weir who is an ATS member:

    I am working on a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country, 2wd, automatic with the 3.8L. I have previously solved an engine code for a fuel injector 2 circuit malfunction, tracing this problem back tithe PCM and replacing it. This problem has now been solved. After returning the vehicle to the customer they called back with another engine code. This time it was a P0300 multiple cylinder misfire, a long with a pending cylinder 5 and 6 misfire (P0305 and P0306). It also had a pending P0300. The problem seems to be intermittent and unpredictable. I replaced plugs wire and the coil pack and the car ran fine.

    Returned it to the customer to get a call back saying that the engine light had come on again. It has thrown the same codes and seems to be running quite roughly through most of the RPM range, clearing up a bit at the higher RPMs. I have noticed quite a bit of moisture coming from the exhaust pipe, mixed with a black oil or soot from the exhaust. I did not investigate this very much, but I am currently at a loss on where to turn. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have also replaced to coolant temp sensor with no change in the problem. Thank you for your time,

    -Paul Weir-

    Fixed on the 3rd day!

    I fixed the van. I appreciate all your help. It turned out to be a melted spot in the fuel injector harness roughly an inch in length and involving all of the wires. I guess it's a common problem with these motors. Thanks again,

    Fix it like garages do but without their expensive rates!



    If you join ATS TODAY, I will give you these latest ATS secrets that I have used in the last 8 years (2009-2018)

    How to analyze and fix MULTIPLEX wiring problems!

    Most vehicles like cars and trucks are controlled by a lot of computers called MULTIPLEX system. Garages will charge you an arm and a leg to fix this. However, I will show you the basics troubleshooting like:

    1.) The first thing to look for these problems when checking for no communication with your scanner, no starts problem, wirings, proper boosting, proper resetting codes, etc.

    2.) I will send you SPECIFIC wiring diagram to use for specific vehicle. Every function of your vehicle has each own computer. You need to know which computer wiring to check to find the right circuit and the fix.

    3.) The basic tools to use. Garages charges high because of all the complex and expensive tools they use so they can do the job fast. However, some of this can be done by you using some cheap basic tools. It might take you a little bit longer but since this is your car, who cares? Besides, as you get familiar with your car, sooner or later, you can fix it quick!

    4.) Three important tools under $200 to fix multiplex problems. The ones I have used to trace complex multiplex wiring circuits!

    5.) Troubleshooting multiplex wiring circuits by using relays!

    6.) Troubleshooting multiplex wirings from end to end using DCL connector and jumper wires, the ones used by dealer technicians when their hi tech tools won't work!

    NOTES: all of these will be shown by actual examples so you will see how it is done!


    This will help you understand the basics of multiplex circuits used on most vehicles in 2018. If you don't know will be left behind!


    Mastering Automotive TROUBLESHOOTING is your guide to financial security!

    Here is my 2012 video to show you ATS system and still works in 2018!

    * Licensed CVIP Bus Coach (computer engine specialist) Technician 2009-2017 in Calgary

    *Automotive consultant in Calgary since 1997

    *Automotive shop owner, Calgary from 1985-1995

    * Licensed HD (Red Seal) mechanic 1980 and automotive technician 1984 in Calgary Alberta

    Reminder: This offer is only good if you order in the next 4 hours. (Join NOW so you don't forget). Also, you are entitled to a 90 day full refund guarantee if you don't like the service. This ONE TIME LIFETIME membership $97 offer is for PRIVATE or PERSONAL use only (for vehicle owner or family with 4 vehicles). Remember: There is nothing else to pay if you are a family user. (This is the reason some ALL Data members switch to us for our one on one customer service). NO MONTHLY subscription fee. Regards!

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