Hybrids DIY...is it still possible to work on hybrids? Do you know what to avoid in hybrid repairs?

Hybrid diy can work on their hybrid vehicles as long as they are familiar with the 10 rules of hybrid vehicles!

For hybrids diy, I hope you take this article seriously because given hybrids safety records, there is no guaranty that if you work on hybrids, no problems will come out when working on them. As I have stated ealier in my other article, hybrids is a completely different monster and if you don't know how they work, please don't touch them.

For serious people who wants to be a hybrids diy, there is a good news for you! I will enumerate here the 10 rules of hybrid vehicles so you can at least protect yourself. Let say you are driving a hybrid and got stranded in unfamiliar location and nobody can help you. You can use this information and find out what to avoid in hybrids.

For all wannabe hybrids diy, here are your 10 rules for hybrid vehicles:


1. Never leave the ignition key in "on position" when the car is not being used, it can trigger the auxiliary battery operation and drain it. You either remove the ignition key and leave the car running to avoid draining the battery.

2. Always remove the auxiliary gas engine battery if you are leaving the vehicle for over 3 weeks. This will avoid discharging the battery.

3. Use the recommended manufacturer battery charger when boosting the auxiliary gas engine battery. If you must use a regular battery charger, set it to the lowest rate not higher than 3.5 Amps. Failure to do this can damage the auxuliary battery.

4. Never tow your hybrids with all 4 wheels: hybids can generate electricity and can suddendly move without notice. This can cause serious accident. To tow, lift the front end up or load the vehicle in a flatbed tow truck instead.

5.) The same thing applies in pushing hybrid vehicles, never push it using the 4 wheels because it will generate electricity. You are better off using a roller wheels to move the vehicle. And remember: remove the ignition key before pushing the vehicle.

6.) Never shift the vehicle the transmission in neutral with ready light on. In can cause sudden activation of the gas engine or the MG generators. You are better off putting the shift in "PARK" instead.

7.) Never touch the service plugs without wearing a safety glove rated at 600v or over. Doing it without the glove could be fatal.

8.) Always remove the ignition key if you are changing the gas engine oil. Leaving it on can make the engine start by itself and it might happen after you drained the oil.

9.) Never use a high octane rated fuel for the hybrid gas engine. This can cause a starting problem for the engine. Use only 87 octane rated fuel.

10.) When in doubt, do not service your hybrid until you are familiar with all these safety procedures using the manufacturer's service manual.

Knowing what to avoid in hybrids, you should be able to work in your hybrid vehicles in time of emergency. And remember if you want to work around hybrid wires, always wear a safety glove rated 600 volts or over.

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