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The hybrid vehicle benefits came to light amidst concerns about high fuel prices and protecting our environment have driven lots of people to buy hybrid vehicles. Since the normal combustion engines waste 3/4 tomes of its energy, it became the worst source of pollution.

Since it was introduced in North America in the late 90s, hybrid vehicles are gaining popularity because of these two issues. Most car makers are now offering hybrid vehicles which should give us a wide selections of hybrids.

One outstanding hybrid vehicle benefits is its ability to burn less fuel. This also result in is less toxic gases released by its engines. And best of all, because there is minimum level of carbon dioxide produced, it helps stop global warming which is a serious problem in most developing countries.

The increase hybrid vehicle gas mileage is attributed to its aerodynamic configuration of the hybrid vehicle body. When you look at the body designs available in the market place, you will notice the free flowing shape of the vehicle frontal shape. This was done to minimize frontal air drag when the vehicle is cruising and this helps improve its efficiency thus saving you fuel.

Another hybrid vehicle benefits is its improved design tires which are economical. The hybrid tires are designed specifically to increase fuel savings. It is done by having harder tire components which are used in the building the tires.

This results in running tires at a higher air pressure with great reduced road contact compared to conventional tires. This new design guarantees a more efficient tires which saves energy.

There are two hybrid vehicle types based on the engine and electric motor locations: series and parallel type hybrids. The last one (parallel) has a gas engine connected side by side by the electric motor at the front of the vehicle.

Both of these power source can operate the transmission located behind them. Although the smaller gas engine powers the vehicle, the electric motor only assist the gas engine to boost power when required. This design is also called "mild hybrid" type and is used on Honda Civics and GM SUVS.

The former type (series) on the other hand has a gas engine that runs the generator only. The generator inturn powers up the batteries and the electric motor.

As far as the vehicle is concerned, the gasoline engine does not power it at all. Henceforth, the electric motor is the main power supply source of the vehicle and the gas engine only comes on to operate the generator.

This results in hybrid vehicle gas mileage increase in town driving since the electric motor is getting the most loads. This hybrid vehicle type is also called "Full hybrid" and used by Toyota and Ford SUVs.

These are the major hybrid vehicle benefits when considering to buy hybrids as your next choice of vehicle. And since these technology is relatively new, most car makers are always finding ways to improve it giving you more savings.

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