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What is the difference between a gas guzzler and a gas saving hybrids? You know pretty well that because hybrid suv mileage is great, it not only save you money but save our environment. These traits are usually the domains of hybrid sedans and compact cars but not any more.

It all started when hybrid was introduced to consumers who wanted a better suvs that not comfy to use but effecient in fuel. In this article, I will show you some improvements in hybrid suv gas mileage that might sway you next time you are in for a market for a new suv.

The hybrid suv mileage comparison:

If you think that non suv hybrids such as the Toyota Prius or Honda Civics has the sole domination of fuel efficiency, think again. When Ford launched Escape Hybrid suv in 2004, the fuel mpg rating was shattered. This hybrid suv mileage could easily get 30 mpg or 34 mpg in the highway which is unheard before. This proves a new era in mileage savings in the new hybrid suvs.

The hybrid suv cost:

To achive a better hybrid suv mileage, its manufacturing cost was re-invented. as a matter of fact, the hybrid suv cost of manufacture is actually more expensive than ordinary hybrid cars and will continue to cost more than their smaller counterparts.

When you consider that hybrid suvs have a bigger and stronger engines to support its weight, it can go places and pull loads that smaller hybrid cars cannot handle. These reasons by itself will explain the difference in increase hybrid suv cost.

The hybrid suv external dimension:

The first thing you notice on hybrid suv is infact smaller than regular suvs. Not only the insides are more compact and smaller, it has cut its size to make it more efficient to save energy. They did the "lean" design by having smaller engines, less leg room and a smaller vehicle in general. What it saved in size is gained in fuel savings which makes hybrid suv mileage the envy of the regular suvs. I think this is the wave of the future if we are to conserve the earth's limited resources.

When you think hybrid suv mileage over all, there should be no doubt that is has indeed met its challenge. And if you are thinking of buying one, make sure to book early since they are in high demand.

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