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Hybrid maintenance review is written for those who want to buy a new or used hybrid vehicle.And for those folks who are concerned about the operation and maintenance of hybrid vehicles, we give you some insights on the complexity of the added technology that operates the hybrid vehicles.

Some of these are perceived to affect your hybrid maintenance cost although others think otherwise. This hybrid maintenance review is thought With you in mind, hoping it clarifies some of the myths and informations you need when buying a hybrid vehicle.


Shown below are some common hybrid maintenance review topics available here:

How Does hybrid vehicles differs from regular Vehicles?

When it comes to hybrid operations, the basic concept is the same except this time the computerized vehicle engine is coupled with an electric motor as your dual power source. Both of these work together by using an onboard computer which operates and control both power systems.

Under certain driving conditions, the hybrid vehicle can work on either power source to give the vehicle optimum performance. Hybrids also uses a large battery pack that can store power and use it for both cruising and stopping the vehicle just like your regular brakes.

How does hybrid maintenance work?

Hybrid use extensive computer system that warns you when maintenance is required. Like your regular internal combustion powered vehicles, it uses an obd2 system to warn you on impending trouble codes and repairs.

It even tells you if servicing is needed by the vehicle using the dash indicator lights which can be reset once the maintenance service is completed. All of these should be given to you in the operation service manual and if you follow that, you should be safe.

Who are allowed to perform hybrid vehicle maintenance service?

Any garage with certification can work on your vehicle as long as regular maintenance such as oil change in both engine and transmission assemblies. Other small jobs such as changing fuel and air filters, replace spark plugs, cooling system upkeeps can be done also. As a matter of fact, you can also do this yourself as long as you follow the regular maintenance requirements stated in the service manual.

A word of caution though...before starting to undertake the small jobs yourself, make sure to get a practical training either from the dealer or a knowledgeable garage. This way, you can avoid costly mistakes and serious injury. Finally, When it comes to sensitive electronic diagnosis, it is advisable to bring it to the dealer who have the proper tools and training to do the repair.

Hybrid Maintenance Review TIPS:

Whatever you do, avoid contact with any wiring harness with orange casing color. It contains high voltage circuit which can cause electrocution when touched.

To do the regular maintenance on the engine cooling system, always check the coolant hoses, tubings and fasteners including the other filters that are required for both the engine and battery cooling system.

What is the effect of the battery to the hybrid maintenance cost?

Your hybrid vehicle is usually operated by 2 types of battery. A small 12 volt battery to power up the small engine and the battery pack to store power produced by the vehicle electric motor.

Also, hybrids also uses regenerative braking systems that charges the batteries and assist in stopping your vehicle. In some applications, the battery pack/electric motor alone can power your vehicle without the engine.

Example of this is your Toyota Prius and Ford Escape hybrids, which are called full time hybrids, Still other hybrid types comes with battery packs/electric motor that assist the engine only and cannot power the vehicle on its own.

This is called mild hybrid and used on earlier models of Honda Civic hybrids including Saturns and Mazda hybrids. Finally, the maintenance free hybrid battery pack has no affect in the overall hybrid maintenance cost since most of them is designed to last 150k before replacement is required.

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