Free online auto repair; is it worth YOUR time?

online auto repair

When you have a vehicle troubleshooting issues, which is better: free online auto repair membership or paid online membership subscription?

With sky rocketing cost of vehicle repairs, more and more vehicle drivers are subscribing to an online vehicle repair mechanic adviser for assistance. Now the question is: which one do you subscribe: the free or paid version?

Free online auto repair membership

This is very common in the Internet and you can do it by joining forums, chat rooms on any automotive subjects. You can also Google it and search the particular automotive keyword problem that you need. If you want more results, you can also use other Internet search engines such as MSN, Yahoo and thousands of search engines in the Internet. This of course will take lot of time in your part plus you have to organize all these information so that when you need it, you can access it easily.

Paid online auto repair membership

This practice is also gaining popularity because this allows you to contact the automotive mechanic one on one which is really helpful when confronted with automotive repair issues. He is also an authority of your automotive problem and can share his experience with you. Depending on the package you get, most of them have these following automotive features:

Wiring diagrams

Vacuum diagrams and related sensor pictures

Service Bulletins and manufacturer recalls

Files of common fixes that you can browse or sent to you

Email support 24/7 so that you get help promptly anytime of the week

Again depending on your package, this can be given to you in software form so that minimal contact happens between you and the provider which makes the service cheap. At the same time, it is also impersonal because when there is a problem, you are on your own. Or, it can be ONE ON ONE basis so that when any problem arises, there is a technician to help you in your ordeal. The package can be limited to one fix or one vehicle or unlimited fixes for a number of vehicles.

So which do you prefer? If you got lots of times in your hand and you don’t want to pay the paid subscription then the free online auto repair is for you. However, if you are busy like many others who have limited time but wants to get the latest information which is guaranteed to reach you, you should choose the last one.

Not only because it will highly increase your learning curve but it cheaper in the long run. Finally, this all boils down to this: how much value do you give for your time? And…you always get what you paid for, that is if it is free, it is usually worthless but if you paid for it (especially if the service is guaranteed), you will get the best service because the service provider will do his best to keep you satisfied.

Sooner or later, this type of paid service will just keep expanding and this is what the present Internet trends are showing nowadays. In essence, at the end of the day, there is really no free online auto repair because you are paying for it with your wasted time.

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