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Lets begin with these Ford hybrid tips by saying that with the introduction of Ford Escape Hybrid in 2004, Ford Motor Company has revolutionized the suv that we are seeing now.

It sets Ford completely ahead of its competitors for introducing the first gas efficient suv. The technological advancement includes the use of continuous variable transmission which directs power between the gas engine and the electric motor.

Here are some highlights of the Ford hybrid tips:


Ford SUV Transmission

The Ford suv transmission has applied the variable transmission technology which is called electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission or ECVT. This new hi tech system has made possible the spreading of vehicle load between the gas engine and the electric motor generator.

Instead of using standard gear trains, this system uses a set of pulley drive mechanism inside the transmission. It resulted in the Ford suv hybrids to maneuver the road and off road terrains which thought to be impossible for its size.

Ford Suv Brakes

Using regenerative braking technology, Ford suv hybrids have gained excellent brakes that seldom wears when compared to regular suv brakes.

The brake itself comes from the motor generator which allows to recoup a lot of vehicle's unused energy, thus saving fuel consumption for the suv. Like its Toyota counterpart, the standard brake parts is rarely used above 10 mph.

Ford Escape SUV power house

When it first came out in 2004, the Ford escape hybrid engine size was a small 2.3L which easily got over 30 mpg fuel ratings. In 2005, a bigger 3.0 L V6 engine was used for bigger loads and which is the most powerful engine on its class.

In 2007, the same V6 engine was modified to improve fuel savings a further 10%. In 2009 hybrids, Ford suv vehicles are getting a better 2.3L and 3.0L engines in which the 2.3L is being replaced by a 2.5L engine.

This is more powerful engine with a better fuel economy than the 2.3L engine. The 3.0L is also being improved further by getting more 40 hp increase in power and better gas mileage.

More Ford Hybrid Tips:

Ford SUV Hybrids share the same technology as those of Toyota hybrids thru mutual cooperation of resources that benefits both companies. Unlike Honda hybrids which are "mild hybrids", Ford suv vehicles can run as a "full time" hybrids.

This means, the vehicle can run either on gas engine alone or by electric motors.

Depending on the road conditions, it can also run the vehicle sharing both power house for more power and fuel economy. This is particularly important when the vehicle is used in the city where it will runs exclusively only in electric mode to get more fuel savings.

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