Diesel Hybrids comparison...What is your Choice?

When you look at the diesel hybrids comparison, its no wonder lots of people are asking questions about hybrid vehicles.


When it comes to diesel hybrids comparison, folks are using this in searching for a new alternative to gasoline powered vehicles. When you read most information available in the Internet, it seems that hybrid vehicles have the clear edge. However, lots of drivers are still debating the validity of hybrids popularity. Why? In this article, I hope to show you the actual merits of both vehicles.

Vehicles that come with diesel engines have a natural advantage: the diesel fuel has 3-4 times more energy than gas engines. This explains why it would have a better fuel mileage than a regular gas powered engines. And when you check the price of diesel fuel compared to gasoline, it is almost lower or at best, about the same as the gasoline engine. And since it has more energy, it is a more efficient fuel which can save you fuel than gas engines.

What about hybrid vehicles?

This is where the real diesel hybrids comparison advantages come from. Why? Because since hybrids by itself could run on electric motors, it is regarded as a "high fuel saving" car. Like those Prius and Ford Escape full time hybrids, the fuel mileage comparison has been narrowed when compared to diesel engines. But what really makes hybrids superior to diesel is its ability to produce less toxic exhaust gas pollutants. Unlike diesel powered vehicles recent improvements in the newly developed diesel "computerized fuel injection" technology, these toxic gases are still a reality.

How about power?

This is where when diesel powered vehicles come out ahead on hybrids. Most of the hybrid vehicles are designed to save gas and not carry or pull loads. Even Ford hybrid SUVS are made smaller and it was only recently that their 4 cylinder engines were replaced by a bigger more powerful V6 engines. At the same time, diesel engines have bulky massive engines which are powerful that can be used for most types of load carrying applications.

Final diesel hybrids comparison analysis:

This depends on what you are aiming for: if you want a small car or suv that can take you places that wont empty your pocket, then hybrids are for you. However, if you want to save gas and have the extra capacity to carry more people or workloads, then diesel engine powered vehicles are maybe a good choice.


Both vehicles have it own dis-advantages: hybrids are complicated to use and you might not find a regular mechanic to work on it. Diesel engines however are noisy although the newer models coming out now has eliminated this problem. Price wise, both of them are almost the same depending on the type of model and application you need.

Hoping this diesel hybrids comparison article above has helped you evaluate the merits of both vehicles.

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