If you want your car stereo to give you a great sound, get your car stereo wiring done properly!


If you are renovating your car, one of the best way to do it is to install a good stereo sound system. However,if you want to to be sure that you succeed, get it done right. You do not have to compromise your sound system and it all starts by following some basic guidelines on car stereo wiring installation. Some techniques shown below which are being used by professional car stereo installers.

How to install a Car Stereo Wiring

Make sure your car stereo wiring system has the car stereo wiring diagram that comes with the stereo kit. If you happen to get one without it, you can still install it by following the wire color coding but having a car stereo wiring diagram will help you save time. Otherwise, get hold of the vehicle factory wiring diagram and use that as your reference. For your safety, choose an aftermarket car stereo brand that is popular and has lots of support. You can also double check it by searching the brand online in popular search engines.

Important tip before installation

Get the information to remove the dash, doors panels or whatever location the speakers are to be installed including the kick panel and flooring of your car. You find a guide for this online or you can get a repair manual for your car at most automotive stores (see ATS tip #1 below)

ATS car stereo wiring tip #1

ATS provide a complete set of car stereo wiring diagram PLUS all the above instructions for all cars and trucks for both domestic and imported vehicle manufacturer (included is just about any wiring diagram any DIYs or car drivers need). Once becoming a member, any type of factory stereo wiring diagram can be emailed to you 24/7 up to 2006 models.

ATS car stereo wiring tip #2

Before starting on the wiring job, make sure you have a complete list of tools needed for installation especially digital voltmeter (DVM), pliers, soldering gun, wire cutters, test light, strippers including all the tools suggested by the stereo maker.

ATS car stereo wiring tip #3

ATS can also give the latest vehicle manufacturer service bulletins and specifications requirements needed for your audio system which they update from time to time.

To understand your car stereo wiring, here are some basic components of your car audio system:

STEREO HEAD UNIT is the heart and brain of the stereo system which is the box that contains your cd or player which is installed directly to your dash. All the wires come from here and must be mounted properly.

SPEAKERS are your main sound system which could be 4 parts like 2 at the front and 2 at the back. For more elaborate system, you could have component speaker which has more than one speaker for each side like 2 speakers at the front left and another 2 speakers at the front right side. If you have the same at the back, you will end up with 8 part speakers for the whole speaker system.

SUBWOOFERS are your booster speakers that give that extra power to your sound system. If you want that heavy sound that your small speakers do not have, then this one might be for you. You can add subwoofer to your stereo system as long as you have the extra powerful amplifier available.

AMPLIFIER is the power generator that boosts your sound system when enhancing your subwoofers. It is a good idea to buy the amplifier as a part of the package of your sound system. This way, everything matches and will work just fine when you assemble them together.

STEREO WIRINGS connect all the above components together and the only thing to remember is to be wary of the sizing so that all components will work properly. Example, always use the next bigger size of wires as recommended but again, this will not be necessary if you buy the stereo package complete which normally ensures the stereo wirings were designed properly.

To show you some examples of factory stereo head units for your car stereo systems:

2005 Ford Escape for Car Stereo System
2005 Dodge Pick Up R1500 for Truck Stereo System
2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser for Car Stereo System
2004 Honda Civic for Car Stereo System
2004 AUDI Quattro for Car Stereo System
2004 Toyota Camry for Car Stereo System
2004 KIA Sedona for Car Stereo System
2004 Hyundai TIBURON for Car Stereo System
2004 Infiniti G35 for Car Stereo System
2002 ACURA MDX for Car Stereo System
1998 BMW 3281 for Car Stereo System

Final Tips

When installing the stereo wirings, use a corrosion proof shrink type connections and route the wires so that it is not exposed to oil or any vehicle fluids including heat. Secure your ground connections so that they are clean and tight. Protect all the wiring harness and connections by tying them to avoid loose connections and vibrations. Signal wires such the RCA wires/cables should be routed not parallel and away from the power wires.

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