How to get a car repair quote and be sure it is done right

car repair quote

Not all car repair quotes are equal…be sure to know this before getting one!

Getting a car repair quote is not a secret trick and anybody can do this if you use your common sense. To start, find out exactly the PROBLEM symptoms of your vehicle. When I talked about symptoms, it basically wants you to give a list of what it is NOT doing right for you. Example:

Does it have a funny noise?

Are you spending more gas that before the present problem?

Do you have any light showing in your dash abnormally?

Is the vehicle pulling to the right or left?

Hard starting or engine overheating as shown in your gages?

Poor acceleration when engine is cold or hot? once a while?

Air Conditioning is not giving cold air as before or no heat from your heater?

Clacking noise when making turns or squealing noise when braking?

Transmission is not working on low drive or reverse gear is not working?

Engine stalling at stop signs or rough idle when cold?

You should list all these symptoms and make sure you make it more detailed as possible. More details is better than omitting them because the technician will be able to find the problem quicker before making a car repair quote that is right for you. Also, make sure you include on top of this symptom a list indicating the vehicle make, engine size and model year.

Do you know also that if you have this symptom list, you can basically give it online and somebody can give you the car repair quote? What does it mean? It means any car repair quote can be in your finger tips without spending your valuable time. You will be then free to visit each garages to verify the quote which sometimes is not a good experience to have especially when the garages are busy.

This also means before seeing a garage, you already have the information before negotiating a car repair price from them and all you are doing is double checking them. Any fraud or excessive charges can be avoided because you already have the detailed information with you.

So once you have the car repair quote verified, it is a matter of choosing whether you want a garage to do it for you or better still…do it yourself if time and place is available. Remember: a lot of this symptom list above could be a small problem that might not require a mechanic. If you just have the guide to help you, you might just pull it off. This is why it is important to be a member of an online website repair club so you can avail yourself of these services. This is particularly true if you own a 5 year old vehicle or newer which are getting complicated to repair but if you have the right info, you can do it in a breeze.

As per the latest findings sponsored by a consumer groups lately, almost 20% of garages will cheat you on car repairs… and if you are not careful, this can happen to you.

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