Reducing your car maintenance cost means knowing the basics of your vehicle maintenance

Everything you need to know about cutting your car maintenance costs!

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A government study shows that an average car maintenance cost is very expensive. Therefore, there is an urgent need to find ways and methods to control the cost of maintenance especially in the fuel cost. The cheapest way to own a vehicle is to keep them for as long as possible but keeping it longer makes sense. Why? Because the depreciation cost can be spread for longer time especially if the vehicle has a depreciation of at least 25% as soon the vehicle is delivered to you.

To get the best of your car maintenance costs, here are a few suggestions:

Getting a pre-approve loan from the bank and shop for the best value of your money not only help you get a vehicle loan right away but if can also help you get the best vehicle applicable to your operations. This is true when getting vehicles with more features which can help your company accomplish more during operations and can add to your bottom line.

When getting a vehicle insurance, the more you follow their guidelines like using safe vehicle practices, the lower your insurance cost will be. Example of such practices are using recommended LPG fuels, setting tachometers that records vehicle mileage can give you lower insurance rates. This later practice insures that the vehicle is not abused.

Doing early diagnostic and repair will cost you less than waiting for the vehicle problem becomes worst. Aside from this, the vehicle are prone to serious accidents like fire and unscheduled maintenance breakdown if the vehicle problem is not attended right away. Besides, the vehicle warranty could be lost if a minor problem is not attended right away.

Preventing wasteful driving habits can help you reduced your car maintenance costs. This wasteful habits can be seen on reckless acceleration which cost more fuel. When we allow our vehicle engines to be run without regular maintenance, it can make the engine used more fuel than necessary. Finally if the engine used on the vehicle is not fuel efficient, that could be corrected in the first place before commissioning the vehicles for our business. This is why some fleet prefers LPG or diesel engine on their engines to conserve fuel cost.

Performing regular maintenance and records can help you track and control your fuel cost. This can go further if you use good maintenance practices such as using synthetic oil and using fuel with improved lubrication properties found on biodiesel engines.

Furthermore, every vehicle maintenance that is performed on a vehicle, it should be recorded and at the same time, archived in the history maintenance document/software so that it can quickly monitor repair cost, parts and labor and even the overall total operation costs. This is true especially if you use computerized system including maintenance softwares that can be used to help prevent future problems.

Finaly, it can also improve the vehicle selling value including printing detailed reports that can help analyze maintenance data that is needed for troubleshooting analysis. As a result, this can help you make quick decisions in cutting car maintenance costs further more.

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