Important BMW car maintenance tips that enthusiast should know before buying BMW vehicles

Why BMW vehicles has a better BMW car maintenance program to maintain their lead in BMW sales

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There is a new trend going on with BMW car maintenance since they implemented some improved maintenance system by putting more maintenance upkeeps to BMW cars. In keeping with the BMW maintenance image as a total provider of BMW experience, they introduced the "Roadside Assistance" program which protects BMW buyer for up to 6 years whenever the vehicle is stranded in the road. This coverage is with unlimited miles but check your BMW dealer if the BMW car you have is covered.

BMW vehicle parts are also crafted with exclusive BMW engineering to assure that the parts going to every BMW car will last for sometime. Furthermore, the BMW "Certified Pre-Owned Warranty protects the car against any defects or workmanship for any components of the vehicle.

Here are some major BMW car maintenance improvements being introduced:

Integration of BMW design and development to enhance emission control by careful selection of production materials

Recycleability of BMW vehicle components to prevent damage to the environment and continuous research and development by using environmentally friendly power sources

Elimination of CFCs and other hazardous components during BMW car production

One outstanding feature of the BMW enhanced maintenance program is the application of Dynamic Stability Control or DSC along with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) which are designed to provide improved electronic response system. This system helps in better vehicle control while driving which is activated above the normal functions of the vehicle.

With this program, this made BMW maintenance the leading provider of safe car experience. Note also that this Dynamic Drive implemented by BMW offers drivers a great advantage: improved cornering without body roll which in turn allows your BMW engine to deliver maximum power while cruising. Because of this, it has the side effect of providing a cheaper maintenance cost because the vehicle is very much protected against operational driving abuse.

To make BMW front end cost more affordable, BMW car owners are offered the extended BMW car maintenance service to minimize these upfront expenses for those who are planning to keep the BMW vehicle only during the warranty period. Make sure to mention this to you BMW dealer when buying your BMW vehicle.

Also, BMW has this extended 15,000-mile interval maintenance service to certain high performance vehicles only if the service is implemented by a BMW dealer. This extended interval period also restricts the use of specifically formulated synthetic engine oil available from BMW. With this prospect, having a BMW car maintenance done by your BMW dealer makes sense cost effective in the long run.

In conclusion, please ask your BMW dealership about the above features before buying your new or used BMW vehicles.

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