Automotive Diagnostic Tool Basics

This automotive diagnostic tool is important if you want to analyze your engine performance properly!


When troubleshooting any engine problems in the old days, mechanics usually use an automotive diagnostic tool. Another word for this tool is called scope. What it does when hooked up to the engine is practically give the mechanic a live picture of the engine performance. When interpreted properly, the mechanic can use it to diagnose the cause of any automotive ignition problem. This is the standard practice that is being used in most garages for sometimes. That is why if one goes to a garage and you have some misfiring problem on your vehicle, the first thing the mechanic will say is: let us scope your engine. Then after a few minutes, he will show you in the scope monitor which cylinder is not firing.

Nowadays, automotive diagnostic tool is getting more important when diagnosing performance problems. Unlike before when the scope is used to measure purely the electrical functions of your ignition, this tool is used extensively for complete electronic engine analysis. Besides ignition, this analyzer is utilize for testing the following automotive components:

* Injectors and fuel pumps
* Starter and charging circuits
* ABS sensors. Crank and cam sensors
* Lambda, Airflow, knock and MAP sensors
* Glow plugs / timer relays
* Relative compression tests

On some automotive diagnostic tool that is portable, it can be used to capture live data of your engine performance. This is particularly important when diagnosing intermittent problems that cannot be resolve inside the garage. As a diy who wants to fix a lot of vehicles in a remote arae, one can have this capability if you have your own laptop. You can now buy an automotive diagnostic tool software from any online distributors and download the same function on your laptop. When using the laptop, it can be powered by your house power supply or use the vehicle battery during the diagnosis.

The only drawback is the price of the automotive diagnostic tool which normally cost about $2000 USD. However, if you a farmer or resides in an area that is located in an area which has difficult access to a garage, this can be a very cheap investment. Savings come if you can prevent commuting to a garage far from you which makes troubleshooting quicker. When buying this automotive diagnostic tool kit, it must have the following features:

Enhanced Graphing Controls
Customizable Configurations
Built in Wave Form Library
Screen Capture
Report Generation
15 Standard Signal Measurements
Horizontal & Vertical Cursor

With these features, you can just about fix any engine problems for most automotive cars and trucks. Also remember that most data gathered in this tool can also be saved and printed if you can hook the laptop to a printer. This way, when you need to show the information to another mechanic, it can be done easily. Finally, because you can save the data, you can use it as a reference when troubleshooting in the future.

Finally, before buying this automotive diagnostic tool, make sure your laptop has the following capacity:

128 MB RAM
20 MB Hard Drive Space for installation
One free Parallel Port
CD-ROM Drive
MS Window XP Professional (note: Windows 98 and ME are not supported)

With the advent of the Internet, automotive diagnostic tool is great diagnostic tool that you should have.

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