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With the complexity of todays vehicles, brakes becomes very important when talking about the ABS brakes. Why? because it needs a trained mechanic to work on it. And when you consider that most of our vehicles has an automatic transmission which are electronically controlled, this makes preventive maintenance a more daunting task. If you want to save time and money on auto repair maintenance, it is about time we face this complex problem head on.

Here are some simple steps to achieve a successful automobile repair maintenance:

First of all, keep a maintennance records of all repairs and inspection of the vehicles. This can help in doing a correct diagnosing of future vehicle problems. When not done, confusing records can lead to redundant repairs that can waste time and resources.

When starting an auto repair maintenance, get hold of the vehicle service manual suggested by the vehicle manufacturer. These service manuals can be used by the vehicle owners and contained lots of pictures and diagrams illustrated by simple instructions designed to help the prospective do it yourselfers manage repair jobs from minor to major repairs. If you consider that to have a garage do the auto repairs done for you, it is very expensive that is why we need to learn to do the automobile repair maintenance ourselves.

To make your vehicle safe and have a smoother ride, the condition of your tires must be monitored all the time. To do this, we must monitor the tire pressure to the correct pressure to ensure that the tires are safe to use. This includes knowing the proper vehicle ride height dimensions which affects the vehicle suspension parts such as shock absorbers, Mcpherson struts, suspension spring, etc.

This is particularly important when using custom made tires when modifying the suspension height. Remember that when altering the vehicle heights, it could alter the OEM vehicle suspension specs which can lead to premature tire wear, improper handling when cornering or hitting bumps.

When you hear a brake noise such as grinding during brake pedal applications, it means a serious braking problem has occurred and a thorough inspection is well deserved. The same is true if you hear a loud noise at your exhaust system which indicates a poor engine management failure because the oxygen sensor will fail to work. Note: oxygen sensors are located in the exhaust system and can be damaged if the exhaust system has a leak.

When faced with a garage repair that cannot be avoided, expect to pay some troubleshooting time even if the actual repair is not started. In essence, trouble shooting time is the biggest part of auto repair and the actual repair cannot be done without it.

This is why automobile repair maintenance is important because the vehicle owner has the advanced knowledge to know the basic information before any troubleshooting is done by a garage. Also, expect an increase of around 10%-20% in estimated troubleshooting time when the repair involves troubleshooting engine wiring problems.

To prevent costly auto repair expenses, it is imperative to learn the automobile repair maintenance information which can be done online. In essence, the Internet is a powerful tool in getting the latest information for vehicle maintenance repairs.

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