Getting bad auto repair service? Find out how to avoid them!

auto repair service

Auto repair service is one important decision you need to do if confronted with difficult auto repair situations. If you follow these techniques below, you will not only get a good auto repair service but feel confident in fixing any future auto repair problems.

Sometimes, after all the technical know how you have gained, you will come to a conclusion that certain jobs can not be done by you. Example is engine replacement job which requires an engine hoist/expensive tools or replacement of the fuel injectors which requires some specialty tools. At this dead end, you have to consider contacting the nearest garage and have the vehicle towed there. However, there are lingering questions on verifying if that garage can give you the proper auto repair service.

Finding the right garage for you is not difficult if you follow the following guidelines

1.) Stick to a garage that specializes on your vehicle make. If your vehicle is a GM or Ford vehicle and that garage only does Honda or any other imports then you are asking for trouble. Why? Because their mechanics are not trained specially for your vehicle and you can bet if they do it for you, it will take more time which will cost you more money.

2.) Avoid the rush. If the garage is busy, have your vehicle scheduled it properly and allow them so repair it at a reasonable time. (It is advisable that you have an online mechanic to advise you on the estimated time for the job to be done). If the garage detects that you are rushing, this gives them the signal to rip you off.

3.) Give them all the information the garage expects to know. This includes all the previous repairs done that have caused the present problem. One of the hated things a mechanic will discover is to find out later that a part or component was removed earlier. Because he was not informed about it, it will cause his diagnostic time longer.

4.) Of course, always ask for a written estimate but have an open mind that if an additional job is required, you should be informed first. But as much as possible, ask for a limit on this before the additional job is started. What you do not want is to go ahead with a $500 job only to be told that the additional job will cost another $2000 and the value of the vehicle is only $1000. Here you are basically stuck because you are in for $500 already and you basically lost if you approve the new $2000 additional job.

5.) Written warranty that all the jobs and parts are covered for at least 30-90 days which will give you a piece of mind thinking no surprise repair will be added later. This will also give you the time to verify their work.

Finally, when looking for a good garage, look for these:

• Clean and well organized shop which normally indicates a good establishment
• Better Business Bureau certification or similar plaque indicates a reputable business organization.
• Mechanic Training certification and licenses will tell you that your vehicle will be handled by certified people only.
• Proper tools will assure you that they have the equipments to do the job.

Of course, if you see that the garage is busy and full of customers, it is the final indication that it is a good garage. Normally, they will ask for an appointment before they will let you in. Finding a good auto repair service is always a nagging problem but if you do your homework above, it should not be a problem.

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