Auto glass repair made easy…Warning before replacing your windshield!

What auto glass repair companies do not want you to know and how to avoid them!

When it comes to auto glass repair, windshield glass replacement always comes to mind because this is part of your vehicle that protects the safety of the driver. Together with your seatbelt and airbags, windshield form part of the SAFETY RESTRAINT SYSTEM or commonly called SRS. The windshield actually makes the airbag works because if the windshield cracks before the deployment after a collision, the airbag cannot protect from the driver from flying broken glass. The same holds true if the windshield is off inferior quality which breaks prematurely and there is nothing to support the roof. This makes sense during a roll over and you are held by the seatbelt and where the windshield failed right away, the seatbelt is also rendered useless. This is why there is no need to install cheap non OEM windshield in your vehicle because it forms your best line of defense during collision or roll over.


The windshield glass replacement is a big industry by itself and a lot of Glass Company specialized on it and has prospered without doing other glass repairs. But what do you really need to know when having a glass windshield replacement? Will you compromise your safety just to get a cheap replacement windshield? A lot of windshield installation is done by a lot of small garages but for your safety, you should look for safety glass installation standard certification required by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). This was set up by the US Department of Transportation to ensure that all windshield installation is performed in accepted procedures regulated by the government. To give you the highlights, the following are recommended safety windshield safety practices:

Use of certified adhesives like urethane recommend by Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS)

As per regulation, only OEM urethane adhesives must be used for delicate windshield installation and when applied, the part should have the expiry date for curing and this goes for all the adhesives materials used for this job. This includes the primer and prep materials being used during the installation. If the expiry date has been passed, the installation should not be continued until certified replacement materials are found. This will ensure that the installation is safety compliant and reliable.

Use of certified priming materials which has passed AGRSS regulation

As stated above, the priming materials are also certified and must include expiry dates on the product when used during the installation. Again is case where the expiry date has passed, the replacement should also pass AGRSS guidelines.

Use of windshield installation material with air bags must also be AGRSS certified

Not all urethane used for windshield installation are the same. This is particularly true if the vehicle has an airbag. During the windshield installation, ensure that only OEM compliant urethane rated adhesives, primer and related materials are used.

Use of safety procedures that avoid contaminating the inside

When removing the old adhesive sealants, make sure that a proper gap is left for the new adhesives. If the vehicle the vehicle has an airbag, it is important to note that only adhesive RATED for airbag applications are used. If this is not done, it can lead to premature windshield failure.

Time and safety practices involved during curing period before using the vehicle

After the installation, it is imperative that the National Glass Association (NGA) certified technician has done the following checks to ensure that the windshield is installed properly:

  • Is the windshield is perfectly at the middle of the car?
  • Is the molding perfectly fits around the circumference of the windshield?
  • Is the molding flat around the circumference?
  • Is the windshield flush to the vehicle frame?

MORE Tips for auto glass repair

Once a windshield glass replacement is made, make sure the technician show you that the windshield wiper motor is working properly. Sometimes, the blades might not be lying flat or the motor will not stop in the right sequence. It is better to know this now than finding it out later and you will be charged for it. There is nothing more upsetting than finding out later that your windshield motor is not working and that you have to fork out another $100 or more to fix it. Most auto glass repair shop does this automatically but it is good for you to know this in case they forget it.

Most auto glass repair garages are available in the yellow pages but make sure you ask for FMVSS certification to get a good service. When the auto glass repair is completed, make sure your new windshield has the FMVSS certification LABEL attached to it. This also goes the same when buying a used car in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

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