P1747 obd2 code is a trany problem dealing with epc circuit

P1747 obd2 code depicts the operation of the epc circuit and how the epc sensor operates.

P1747 obd2 code

P1747 Trany press cntl shorted ckt

This code is a trany solenoid failure code that pertains to the epc circuit. When this circuit fails, the vehicle will go to a limp mode or harsh shifting including hesitation and stalling. To check verify when the code appears after the code is reset... use a DVOM and check the voltages going to the epc (electronic pressure control) solenoid. To locate use a wiring diagram provided by ATS so you can locate the epc wires. Once tested, you can verify if the solenoid is working or getting proper voltage signal from the engine computer.

If you decide to replace the epc sensor, make sure the wirings connected to it is not shorting out due to bad insulation or poor routing. In most cases, a defective shorted wire is enough to make the epc solenoid to fail. Note: during the test, make sure the trany is warmed enough since some of these shorted wires will only come out after the vehicle is running for sometime which will cause intermittent flashing of the code.

Finally, you can also check the integrity of the wires by tracing it from the trany upto the right module using a wiring diagram. Any DIY person can do this as long as he has the map (wiring diagram) to do it.

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