P1409 obd2 code description and electronic egr system

P1409 obd2 code explains about the operation of the egr stepper motor circuit and how it's wirings are working.

P1409 EGR stepper motor circuit malfunction

This egr (exhaust gas recirculation) stepper motor code is best checked by physically having a look at the bottom of the egr stepper motor. When the vehicle engine has a lot of mileage, a carbon build up will occur at the pintlr rod at the bottom of the motor and make the exhaust gas passsage difficult causing the code. When removed, the carbon can be clean and pintle rod freed up so that it moves.


Shown on the picture on the left is a typical picture of an egr stepper motor showing the pintle valve at the bottom. You can use a small pick and brake spray to clean the carbon. (don't use the carb spray since it is vert sensitive to rubber parts). Once the rod is clean, you can move it manually until it is free. This should be your first step in fixing this P1409 code before checking any wires or the ecm.

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