P1140 obd2 code refers to the engine intake valve timing sensor

P1140 obd2 code deals with testing the engine computer controlled intake valve timing sensor.

P1140 Engine intake valve timing cntl postiion sensor bank 1

cam sensor

Code P1140 is a valve timing position sensor located on the right bank side of cylinder head (the left bank sensor would give P1145 code instead). This sensor helps the pcm (engine computer) to control the valve timing to open or close intake valves for optimum performance.

To check this code, start with the wiring connections for integrity including testing for open, short and corrosion of terminals (don't forget the wiring connection between the sensor and the pcm terminals).The sensor itself can be measured for resistance and voltage supplies. If OK replace the sensor.


If this engine has 2 timing positioning sensor, try swapping the 2 sensors and watch if the code will move to the 2nd location. If it does, the sensor is bad. Otherwise, the sensors are fine and it has a possible wiring problem.

Most garages can do a miniscule voltage measurement (labscope) to check the integrity of the voltage flow under 1-2 volts. When done on both banks of the cylinder heads, a comparison can be done with the standard spec and determine which sensor is out of range. I would do this option only if replacing the valve sensor won't fix.

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