P0753 obd2 code is fixed by checking if the trany is in limp mode

P0753 obd2 code means a trany component failure but check the trany solenoids wirings first including verifying the service bulletin from the vehicle manufacturer. Review also out obd2 code listings as presented below.

P0753 obd2 code

P0753 Transmission shift solenoid A malfunction

When you see your dash flashing and scan this code, try resetting it first and if the code comes back, observe if the transmission is in limp mode. If it is do this: check the resistance of all trany shift solenoids and compare them to each other (you would need a wiring diagram to do this so you can get the specs and location of the solenoids).

These solenoid can also be powered up manually using a jumper wire from the battery and see if the individual solenoid is working (you should hear a click when it does). If these 2 tests will not reveal anything, check for the service bulletin (tsb) provided by your vehicle dealer or contact ATS if you are a member.

Most of the time, it is either the engine computer needs replacement or reprogramming but checking the tsb will give you that as a guide. If you have to replace the ecm yourself (it is easy as long as you know the basics as given in ATS), make sure to ask the parts dealer if it needs programming so you can bring the vehicle to the dealer.

LIMP mode: a mode whereas your transmission will remain in lower gear until the transmission problem is fixed.

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