P0750 obd2 code involves testing the trany solenoid wirings

P0750 obd2 code requires testing the transmission solenoids wiring and their operations. This can be done by doing simple visual inspection of the solenoid wiring harness and their routings.

P0750 Transmission Shf Solenoid

When testing this code, try to cover your basics like checking the wiring harness going to your trany. Look at the wiring harness routing and see if the insulation is disturbed or bare. Next, check for corrosion on all the plug-ins connections and make sure they are secure and tight.

This code also indicates that when active, the trany is in limp mode meaning the trany can only be ran on lower gears. For advance test, get hold of a wiring diagram from ATS so you can test each solenoids and their wiring connections. Otherwise, ask a garage to put it on a scanner which has the capability of testing each solenoids manually if they are working or not at different operating trany pressures.


Using the vehicle wiring diagram, you can measure the resistance of each shift solenoid in your trany module and compare it to the trany specs. You can even manually run the solenoids individually by putting a jumper wires on the power and ground wire direct from your battery. When you do this, you should hear the solenoid "click" which shows the solenoid is actually working.

trany solenoids

TIP DEMO for transmission test:

Using the diagram shown here, connect direct battery power at pin E to supply power to the solenoid. Then with key on engine off, the PCM should supply ground at pin F. This should activates shift solenoid A. You should hear a click whe activated. Or if you want to check if PCM is actually supplying ground, hook pin F to battery ground. Use a wiring diagram when doing this test so you can identify the actual color of the wires.

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