This P0743 obd2 code is not necessarily a trany fault code, but you need to check the engine sensors first before condemning the trany components.

P0743 obd2 code does not only mean a trany component's failure but requires an initial test of your engine sensors especially the tps, map or mass sensors.

P0743 Trany torque converter solenoid

trany solenoid

This code accompanied by symptoms of power loss and backfiring indicates a defective mass sensor. To verify, check the mass sensor integrity for proper mounting: is the air hose not cracked? air filter clean? Otherwise, check mass sensor supply voltage and ground voltage readings. Before replacing it, service it using a brake spray cleaner. Once the mass sensor is replaced and the code still shows up, then have the trany for performance by monitoring the operating trany pressures.

Tip: During acceleration, these engine vehicle sensors play an important part in engine computer management. The most common sensors involved are the tps sensor, map sensor, mass sensors and even the vehicle speed sensors. These sensors must be monitored first especially when accompanied by performance problems such as hesitation and cutting out. However, if the trany goes on limp mode right away (stuck in low gear), then check your trany solenoids right away. For a detailed list of these common fixes and wiring diagrams, please contact ATS.

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