P0740 obd2 code analysis and how to verify the torque converter solenoid for gm engine code

Checking the P0740 gm engine code means testing the trany torque converter system including the solenoids and wirings. Please go over our lists of more gm engine codes as displayed below

P0740 GM Transmission converter clutch system failure

Since this is also a gm trany problem, test this code by getting a complete wiring diagram of the trany electronic circuit. Once you have it and identified the location and colors of the torque converter solenoids/module, it is a matter of measuring the resistance of the TCC solenoid and comparing it to all solenoids.

If defective, it is will either show open or shorted connection. Don't forget the basics like checking the wires for integrity of insulation and routing (making sure the wires are not rubbing a metal or being burnt by the exhaust). If there is a chance that the solenoid needs to be replaced, drop the transmission oil pan so you can verify for signs of debris.

TIPS for verifying transmission wiring circuits:

1.) To manually test your transmission code, check your TCC solenoid before replacing it. This can be done by feeding direct battery voltage on the supply side of the transmission solenoid and you should hear it click. Also try to test the connections between the TCC module and the engine (ecm) module.

2.) If you are troubleshooting a gm engine code like listed above, get hold of transmission wiring diagram before touching any transmission solenoids. This way, you can pin point the correct transmission solenoid wiring connections and prevent damage to the transmission.

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