P0733 fault code is a transmission failure code but check your tps sensor first!

P0733 obd2 code is a transmission fault code but most of the time, the fix is looking at the tps parameter. This is apparent if the code is accompanied by hesitation under load. Please review also our obd2 fault code listings shown below

P0733 Trany Ratio in gear 3

This is a trany fault code and the first thing you should check is your tps sensor using your DVOM meter. Measuring the voltages between idle and WOT (wide open throttle), there should be no interruption in the reading (or glitches). Otherwise, it can play havoc to your shifting cycles which can cause this code P0733.

If there are glitches, replace the tps sensor right away and reset the code. If trany is suspected, most common fix for this points to a defective valve body. To verify, it can be done by using a scanner which has the capacity to command the trany solenoids so it can be tested at various trany operating pressures.

tps sensor test

Tip on testing the TPS wirings:

When testing the TPS sensor, make sure you have the correct wiring diagram before starting the wiring test. With key on engine off, test the tps power and ground wires. Then test the 5 volt reference voltage. This voltage is also present in other sensors so that if one of the sensors are shorted, all the 5 volt reference is affected. To test at the tps, disconnect the tps sensor first then followed by other sensors. The last sensor touched that corrected the voltage is the culprit. Contact ATS for the specific wiring diagram for your vehicle.

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