P0717 obd2 code flashing in your dash could be an engine problem instead of your transmission

P0717 obd2 code repair strategy using actual vehicle symptoms before tackling transmission components. Use caution in fixing this trany code because a lot of times, the problem resides in the engine components.

P0717 Transmission Turbine Speed Sensor

This trany code must be approached with caution. If you remember, a trany code is not really a trany code unless it is accompanied by a trany failure symptoms. In this instance, this P0717 code comes with the following symptoms: engine cutting out, misfire and hard start after the engine is warmed up. So looking at these symptoms and if this vehicle is a FORD, try these tests instead: check the coil plugs which is the equivalent of spark plugs except it does not have any plug wires.

Start with the mileage and if the engine has over 100k miles, usually the coil plugs are worn. You can check it by checking the coil plug wells on the valve cover. If soaked with oil, the coil plug is normally shot and this goes the same for the valve cover gasket. Apparently, when the valve cover leaks oil, it is deposited in the coil plug well and starts shorting the coil plugs because of the contaminated oil.


when changing coil plugs, always replace them ALL as a set.

trany diagnosis

Although the P0717 code is a trany code, always verify the symptoms to determine if it is an actual trany or engine problem. Once you find out that it is a trany code, then you can check the trany circuit and fix the culprit wire or trany components. For a more detailed info in fixing any vehicle with this P0717 code, please contact ATS.

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