P0601 obd2 code and how to check your engine computer wiring terminals

Testing P0601 obd2 code requires the basic knowledge of engine computer testing using your DVOM.
As such, determine the voltages for the power supply, reference and ground wires. Review also the obd2 code listings as shown below.

P0601     ICM Memory failure

tps sensor wiring

This code is an internal pcm (power control module) failure indicator and can be checked in various ways. To start, make sure you have the right pcm installed in your engine by getting your VIN number and verifying that number to your dealer. Once verified, you can test the pcm by checking the power and ground supplies reading as extensively discussed in ATS video. For advance test, a scan tool can be used and while starting the engine, determine if the pcm is counting the starts, if not the pcm is definitely defective. Just to be on a safe mode, check ATS for the various TSB (service bulletins) that came out for the pcm and sometimes, a simple reprogramming of the pcm by the dealer can fix this code.

CODE     Meaning or Description

P0601     ICM Memory
P0602     PCM Programming Error
P0603     ICM Keep Alive Memory
P0604     ICM RAM
P0605     ICM ROM
P0606     CMP
P0607     CM Performance
P0608     PCM Vehicle Speed Output A
P0609     PCM Vehicle Speed Output B
P060A     ICM Monitoring Processor
P060B     ICM A-D Processing
P060C     ICM Main Processor Performance
P060D     ICM Accelerator Pedal Position performance
P060E     ICM TP Performance
P060F     ICM Coolant Temp Performance
P0610     Engine FJ Control Module Relay Control
P0613     Trany cntl module Processing
P0614     ECM-Trany cntl module not compatible
P0615     Starter Relay ckt
P0616     Starter Relay ckt
P0617     Starter Relay ckt
P0618     Vehicle Alternative FCM KAM
P0619     Vehicle Alternative FCM RAM-ROM
P061A     ICM Torque
P061B     ICM Torque
P061C     ICM Engine RPM
P061D     ICM Engine Air Mass
P061E     ICM Brake Signal
P061F     ICM Throttle Actuator Cntl
P0620     Gen Cntl ckt
P0621     Gen Lamp Terminal ckt
P0622     Gen Fld Terminal ckt
P0623     Gen Lamp Cntl ckt
P0624     Fuel Lamp Cntl ckt
P0625     Gen Fld Terminal ckt
P0626     Gen Fld Terminal ckt
P0627     FP Cntl ckt
P0628     FP Cntl ckt
P0629     FP Cntl ckt
P062A     FP Cntl ckt
P062B     ICM Fuel Injector Cntl ckt
P062C     ICM Vehicle Speed
P062D     FI Driver Ckt
P062E     FI Driver Ckt
P0630     vin not compatible ECM-PCM
P0631     vin not compatible TCM
P0632     no program odometer ECM-PCM
P0633     no program immobilizer ECM/PCM
P0634     Internal Temp TCM PCM ECM
P0635     PS Cntl ckt
P0636     PS Cntl ckt
P0637     PS Cntl ckt
P0638     TP Cntl Bank 1
P0639     TP Cntl bank 2
P063A     Gen Voltage ckt
P063B     Gen Voltage ckt

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