P0510 obd2 code analysis and how to test your tps circuits

P0510 obd2 code troubleshooting needs a basic understasnding of testing the wiring of your tps circuits with a special attention to the signal and ground wires.

P0510 Engine Closed TPS switch

tps wirings

This P0510 code commonly refers to a defective throttle positioner sensor but a quick way to check this is to verify the tps wiring connections. Look for any wire that seems to be to close to a metal or unprotected. A shorted tps wire can interfere with the tps signal and can cause this code.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to check the ground wire also and see if it shares a ground with the coolant sensor. If it is, check also the integrity of the coolant sensor and if possible replace it. ATS can provide your tps wiring diagram if you are a member.

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