P0354 obd2 code and why you must pay attention to your ignition coil plugs especially its wirings.P0354 obd2 code deals primarily with your engine coil plug wiring connections. The wires are susceptible to breakdowns which are caused mainly by oil contamination.

P0354 Engine Ign Coil Ckt

Mostly, this obd2 code denotes a malfunction in ignition coil D circuit. To check, check the ignition coil wiring connections going to ignition coil D and test for open or cut connections. Do the same thing on the ground wires which could be corroded or loose.

Note: On newer engines, instead of using a spark plug wires, an ignition coil spark system is usedd instead which is mounted direct on top of the cylinder. If after checking the wires or ignition coil plug rubber boot are proven to be OK, replace the ignition coil plugs but make sure to use OEM parts only.

ignition coil

Since the ignition coil plugs of these engines are expensive and if you have a misfire code, try switching the ignition coil plugs. If it has a misfire at cylinder #3 and after switching it with cylinder #5 and the code move to #5, it is an indication of a failed ignition coil plug itself. However always replace the ignition coil plugs as a set. Finally, to avoid wasting your time, check also the wiring and circuit of the ignition module which can fail and cause this P0354 code.

NOTE: If you do not have an obd2 scanner or code reader, you can get the obd2 codes (for vehicles made after 1996 to present) by seeing your nearest automotive parts stores like PEP Boys, Auto Zones, Auto Value, Bumper to Bumper, etc...and they usually give FREE code scanning to promote their parts.

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