P0335 fault code and the crank sensor wiring circuits

Shown here is P0335 fault code which deals with the crankshaft sensor wiring circuit problem. For a brief description of any particular obd2 fault codes, please scroll below.

P0335 Engine crankshaft sensor malfunction

To test this code, have a visual inspection of the location and wirings of the crankshaft sensor. If the engine has a cam sensor, you might mistook it as the crank sensor (it is a good idea to contact ATS that can research this for you).

Check the crankshaft sensor wires for insulation making sure it is getting a voltage signal as shown in the wiring diagram. Sometimes, the wires itself is soaked with dirty oil causing the sensor to fail. If OK, check the engine timing belt system for any slack which can also cause the sensor to throw in the code.

If all of these prove OK, remove the crank sensor and check it for resistance as compared to the standard specs. Lots of times, if the crank sensor probe end is contaminated with oil or cracked, this can only be revealed after the crank sensor is removed.

crank sensor

For advanced test, most garages can monitor the crank sensor electronically by measuring the minuscule voltage it handles and measured against the normal reading (called lab test).However, since this is your own vehicle, taking the sensor off and using a DVOM is an alternative a DIY can do economically to save time and money.

TIP: When testing the engine timing belt, you can also remove the timing cover and check for any signs of looseness inside.

How crankshaft sensor works using a reluctor teeth:

The reluctor for the crankshaft sensor in the engine utilize the presence or absence of metallic material that is either iron or steel to create a magnetic field that can sense and sent this field to the PCM (powertrain control module) when the voltage or current is changing.

These notches in the engine reluctor wheel indicates rotating position of the crankshaft position which are exactly mirrored simultaneously by an electrical pulse collected by the PCM to determine engine speed, engine spark and injector timing which sustains the fuel pump operation and other timing functions.

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