P0232 fault code problem and the fuel pump wiring circuits

Fix P0232 fault code using the fuel pump wiring circuits. For a detailed description of any particular OBD2 code and how to fix the obd2 trouble code, please browse below

P0232    fault code means engine Fuel Pump ckt

The fuel pump secondary control circuit deals with the fuel pump driver module (another word for computer) which is use to regulate the fuel pump pressure. By using a fuel sensor located in the fuel rail, the engine computer can regulate the fuel pump pressure by monitoring the fuel pump duty cycle.

Using this duty cycle range, the computer can determine when to shut off or increase the fuel pressure for optimum engine performance. Therefore, if the duty cycle is below or higher than the targetted range, it will set a code like the above or a code related to the fuel pump secondary control circuit which could have an errant reading. When this happens, the fuel pump driver module will set at a default usually set at 100 % duty cycle. For basic test, check connections of the wirings/grounds related to this circuit by using ATS wiring diagram.

Notes about your fuel injector circuits compared to your fuel pump:

When injectors operate, it pulse or open/close quickly and are monitored in terms of milliseconds beside having a changeable duty cycle. The flow rates for injectors are calculated when they are in a stationary condition which means the injectors are held open all the time. (This is condition is called as a 100% duty cycle). When checking high performance engines, most injectors works best when they are flowing at a 70% to 90% duty cycle. This means that they run 70% to 90% of the static flow rating as specified. In essence, using an injector with this parameter can help decrease heat generated within the motor windings of the injector which lead to premature failure.

NOTE: duty cycle means how much fuel is delivered and also by how long the injector is energized by the computer driver circuit inside the engine computer.

injector wiring

Finally, injectors can also be categorized by their resistance to the electromagnetic force which opens the coil inside the injector body. Such resistance (in ohms) is also called impedance . If you have high impedance injectors, it rates at 12 to 16 ohms while low impedance injectors rates at 2 to 5 ohms. If your injector resistance is not vwithin this range, the injector is defective.

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CODE     Meaning or Description

P0232     Engine Fuel Pump ckt
P0233     engine Fuel Pump ckt
P0234     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Boost
P0235     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Boost ckt
P0236     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Boost ckt
P0237     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Boost ckt
P0238     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Boost ckt
P0239     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Boost ckt
P023A     Engine Air Cooler Coolant Pump Cntl Ckt
P023B     Engine Air Cooler Coolant Pump Cntl Ckt
P023C     Engine Air Cooler Coolant Pump Cntl Ckt
P023D     Engine MAP-Turbo-Supercharger Boost variation
P023E     Engine MAP-Turbo-Supercharger Boost variation
P023F     Engine Fuel Pump ckt
P0240     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Boost ckt
P0241     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Boost ckt
P0242     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Boost ckt
P0243     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Solenoid
P0244     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Solenoid
P0245     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Solenoid
P0246     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Solenoid
P0247     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Solenoid
P0248     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Solenoid
P0249     Engine Turbo-Supercharger Solenoid
P024A     Engine Air Cooler Bypass Cntl Performance
P024B     Engine Air Cooler Bypass Cntl
P024C     Engine Air Cooler Bypass Position Sensor ckt
P024D     Engine Air Cooler Bypass Position Sensor ckt
P024E     Engine Air Cooler Bypass Position Sensor ckt
P024F     Engine Air Cooler Bypass Position Sensor ckt
P0250     Engine Turbocharger-Supercharger Solenoid
P0251     Fuel Injection Pump Cntl
P0252     Fuel Injection Pump Cntl
P0253     Fuel Injection Pump Cntl
P0254     Fuel Injection Pump Cntl
P0255     Fuel Injection Pump Cntl
P0256     Fuel Injection Pump Cntl
P0257     Fuel Injection Pump Cntl
P0258     Fuel Injection Pump Cntl
P0259     Fuel Injection Pump Cntl

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