P0224 obd2 code and how to check your tps circuits

Learn how P0224 obd2 code analysis and understand how your throttle positioner sensor circuit woks!

P0224 TPS sensor ckt

tps sensor adjustment screw

This P0224 code refers to throttle pedal positioner (tps) sensor switch called "B". The circuit is malfunctioning due to intermittent operation of the tps sensor. When testing this code, proceed by checking the integrity of the tps sensor first by testing its operation using a voltmeter. With the throttle pedal linkage being moved from idle to full throttle position, a voltage reading can be measured on the output wires of the tps sensor.

If the reading is within range, the sensor could be OK but replace otherwise. You can also follow this by checking the connections of the wires between the tps sensor and the engine computer. This is the very basic test a car owner can do but if the code returns, further test can be done by using an advance scanner that can monitor the tps sensor or circuit/engine computer while the engine is being ran.

Why your engine needs a tps sensor:

Your TPS sensor is basically a variable resistor that changes the resistance while the throttle plate opens. It is like a mechanical accelerator pump in your carburator. Henceforth, when it detects hard acceleration or heavy pulling load or deceleration, this sensor will signal the engine computer to increase or decrease fuel injector pulse width and duration.

Also, the computer uses tps sensor data to measure engine load so that ignition timing can be advanced and retarded as required. It works basically the same job as the vacuum diaphram of the mechanical distributor. On the newer vehicles, the tps sensor is integrated with the throttle body (TB) and tells the ECM the position of the TB linkage.

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