P0201 obdii code and how your vehicle engine computer run your fuel injector circuits!

Discover how to check P0201 fault code by understanding your engine injector circuits. Also, shown here are OBD2 codes listings and their general meaning for you to browse.

P0201 obdii code means faulty Cyl 1 Injector Ckt

This obdii code is meant for engine cylinder injector no.1 circuit which is has an open (or cut) connection. To check, you can test the wirings to the no.1 injector by wiggle test or physically checking the integrity of the wires or connections. If this code is accompanied by other injector circuits like codes P0202, P0203, P0204, etc...check your tps sensor and wirings. A faulty vehicle engine computer is also possible if you have multiple codes such as these.

fuel injector wirings

How your vehicle engine computer control your fuel mixture:

The engine control unit or ECU controls all of the electronic components on your engine and it monitors the throttle valve opening and increases the fuel rate for more air coming to the engine. It is critical to increase this fuel rate otherwise, when the more gas is fed, there might be lag in air supply going to the engine that will cause hesitation. This is also affected by the amount of vacuum in the intake manifold which makes it sensitive to any defeciency in engine low compression, vacuum leaks and poor valve adjustments or erratic ignition.

Engine computer control is shown when monitoring the sensors and switches, the ecm (computer) uses the sensor data to determine the activities of the throttle valves. Some engines use sensors which give the exact position of the throttle valves at all times. Example: when a V6 engine is running, the front 3 injectors will at the same time spray fuel towards their respective intake valves. However, an additional injector is used for cold starts that is applied oftenly to improve starting which is controlled by the ecm..

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