P0125 obd2 code common reference guide so you can fix your cooling system

Here is a P0125 obd2 code analysis and its description. To fix this obd2 code needs an understanding of engine cooling system and oxygen sensor operation.

P0125 Engine Coolant Temp-Fuel Control fault code

engine cooling system

A lot of common fixes showing this obd2 P0125 code seem to point to replacing the thermostat of the engine cooling system. However, most of the actual fix requires the replacement of the A/F ratio sensor or oxygen sensor (name commonly called for Toyota engines). Always reset the code first to verify this code before making repairs. For maintenance purposes, replace the oxygen sensor if the engine has too many miles. For other types of engines, please contact ATS.

Coolant system facts:

As your engine run, heat energy is always produce and to maintain an ideal condition of working temperature, the system has a radiator to facilitate the heat transfer process. The cooling system has the most important part against wear by way of the thermostat.

The thermostats maintain to control the engine temperature inside your engine by varying coolant flow. Example, the thermostat restricts coolant flow when the engine is cold, making the engine reach operating temperature quicker. And when the temperature of the engine increases, the coolant flow is increased also making heat dissapation quicker.

The engine exhaust system removes much of the heat from the engine, but parts like cylinder walls, pistons, and heads can tolerate big amounts of heat. If these parts gets too hot, the oil film will deteriorate and will fail to protect the engine. And this is when your cooling system comes into the picture by taking away the heat generated by the engine.

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