P0100 obd2 code description and mass sensor basics

Shown here is P0100 obd2 code and it's meaning. To fix this code, one must understand the operation of the air mass sensor and air volume passing thru the mass sensor.

P0100 Engine Mass Air Flow Circuit fault code

mass sensor

This code refers to the volume of air flow passing thru the mass sensor wiring elements. The code will also occur if the sensor wiring connections is removed more than 3 seconds with key on. Always reset the code when checking this code and here are some basic tests if the code re-appears:

check the air filter, if dirty it can pollute the mass sensor wire elements
clean the mass sensor elements with a brake spray and let it dry
check the wiring circuits for connections making sure the pins/wires are not loose or cut. Use ATS diagnostic tree to check the wiring and ground connections.

Quick MAF (mass air) sensor TIP:

A MAF-equipped engine is easier to fix but their are complications. All MAFs have speed-density limits when the engine is off the range of the MAF. All these limits or deviations can be called as systematic errors or random errors . Some systematic errors is compensated by means of of calibration strategy.

When done, always check for the source of vacuum leak. Any intake vacuum leak after the MAF sensor can cause unmetered air to corrupt the MAF readings which can cause a false computer signal. In essence, the sensor is easy to replace and remember: MAF (mass air sensor) sensors are critical to the engine operating properly especially during acceleration.

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