LED automotive turn signals and break lights anyone? This new device sure helps safety vehicle driving!

When you use LED automotive turn signals and break lights; you get the added advantage of owning a safe vehicle but has also increased vehicle’s value.


LED stands for light emitting diode. It is a semiconductor solid-state device that is specially fabricated to emit light. Lately, LED automotive turn signals and brake lights are coming in the automotive market especially the import driver’s enthusiast. This system enhance the beauty of the vehicle which can be really noticed during night driving which makes it a better choice for drivers who want to do upgrades. This new mod is therefore catching on because the light itself has no filaments like your ordinary bulbs. Henceforth, the light can withstand more abuse in rough road conditions which is not possible with the standard bulbs.


1.) LEDS were first introduced to automotive lighting in Center High Mount Lamps (CHMSL) at the start of 1990s. Using LED as a signal device took sometime to develop for cars but later expanded because of increase demand for improved style that appeal to the new market of drivers who like sophisticated equipment. Lately in 2007, a European car has made this a standard option for their daytime running lamps.

2.) LED lamps draw less current than incandescent lamps. Because of this, less current is required by the lights circuit which means that additional features could be added using smaller gauge wires. Using smaller gauge wires for the LED lamps could also result in increased cost savings.

This new LEDS are now being used frequently in newer models of vehicles lately because it lights faster and brighter than the regular OEM bulbs. It also run on much lower power consumption which makes it run cooler and since it has high resistance to vibration; the end result is longer service life. Shipping this type of compact light is also very handy because it can be package smaller than conventional light bulb assemblies.

LEDs present considerable safety feature when used as a brake light application because of the rapid increase in light intensity which is faster than the regular light bulbs. This fast response will further vastly improve the illumination of the light which is really great for brakes lights. And because of this, it has the ability to warn the drivers following the vehicle to react quickly and this is an outstanding safety innovation. Henceforth, more and more car manufacturers are adopting this system on the newer cars being made.

It is worth mentioning that most trucks manufactured in the last 3-5 years have applied this system already to their lighting system to enhance safety. This is especially true to most commercial trucks like buses which require higher safety standard for the riding public. Because of this, this device is used mostly on turn and brake lights again as a standard option. And since when used in the trucking industry, it last longer thus preventing downtime when the interval between repairs are greatly increased. For drivers who are driving older models, you can buy an aftermarket LED lighting system to replace the turn signal lights or add a 3rd brake light in the rear windshield.

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