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2003 Honda Hybrid Civic

Just to be sure you are aware of different problems occurring on Honda hybrids, I am posting here some problems on these Honda hybrids problem that has been serviced lately in various garages in North America.

2003 Honda Hybrid Civic with 1.3L engine:

Honda Hybrids Problem:

Vibration after replacing the IMA (battery pack) batteries. Noticeable after take off especially on stop lights.


Covered under Honda Service Bulletin recall #07-049

Description of Service Bulletin:

Replaced the CTV transmission oil with recommended Honda transmission oil and then load test the transmission by stepping on the brake pedal while gassing up at the same time.

Do this in gear for about 10 seconds. This is called the "stall test". Let go and put gear in neutral and rev it to 3000 rpm. Try this 3-4 times and then drain the oil again.

Repeat the whole process and change the oil for the 3rd time. If this procedure does not correct the problem, replace the "start clutch" of the transmission. To get the exact wording for this Service Bulletin, contact your local Honda dealer.


Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT

The CVT has no gears unlike your regular transmission with it friction plates, torque converter and fluids. It applies the belt and pulley configuration to make it match the transmission ratio to compliment the engine rpm.

This results in better use of energy which saves fuel. With recent improvements in microprocessor technology, CVTs has become an important part of hybrid vehicles to deliver efficient power.

The IMA battery pack is about $2000- $3000

Looking at this Honda hybrids problem, it seems to be a reliable car considering not too many problem was reported. I also attribute it to the fact that most of this Honda hybrids are still covered by warranty.

Honda seems to give a lot of "goodwill" warranty to these vehicles (it becomes good will when Honda fixes the problem even if the warranty is expired). Feel free to check with ATS technical staff if you have any problem with your Honda hybrids.

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