Ford Explorer 4X4 transmission problems and how you can avoid it!

Lots of questions were left unanswered but Ford Explorer Four Wheel drive problems can be fixed if you know the following information

Ever since Ford Explorer was started in the early 90s, it has been immersed in controversy to the detriment of one of the best pioneers of SUV. Ford Explorer was launch in Louisville Kentucky and was regarded as the best selling mid-size SUV in USA for almost 20 years. Although this title was ultimately lost to Honda CRV, Ford Explorer still has commanded a lot of respect from its end users because of the innovation that was introduced in manufacturing the vehicle.

Ford Explorer 4WD system is based on a part time basis where the front drive wheels are locked to the rear wheels whenever a button is pushed in the dash or a lever is shifted. When this happens, a binding action takes place when cornering because the front wheels is arcing a wider curve than the rear wheels. This makes the 4WD components work harder that can be attributed to some of the problems of this drive system. This is why Ford does not recommend engaging the 4WD in flat pavement but they insist that this design was intentional to give more pulling torque to the vehicle.

Notes on Ford Explorer transmission problems:

A lot of drivers are confused about the term 4WD and AWD system which is usually interchanged. AWD means the full function of the tracking is either at the front (FWD) or at the back (RWD). 4WD however locked the entire front and rear wheels at the same time for more tracking power.

Ford          Explorer Transmission

With this in mind, one can say that set up such as this might need more maintenance but on the positive note, there was not much complaints lodge against the 4WD system if you compare its involvement to the Firestone tire debacles that took several drivers lives. In the end, after a thorough investigation, it was proven that Ford Explorer truck was not at fault and it has an excellent design.

If you are experiencing some Ford Explorer transmission problems, here are some recommended suggestions:

  • Take note of all the symptoms that you encounter
  • Contact Ford dealership if the vehicle is covered by warranty
  • Contact or join an online Ford Explorer automotive advisory club so they can assist you.
  • Don't forget the basics like regular maintenance on transmissions, divelines and gearboxes.

If you do the above tips, you can be assured that the latest parts upgrades and economical repairs can be done on your vehicle. ATS also offers the following services to Ford Explorer 4X4 owners:

  • All Ford Explorer 4WD wiring diagrams with detailed illustration up to model 2010.
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  • 24/7 email assistance by a licensed technician; who can guide you by the hand in all the difficult issues.

This should assure you that trouble free driving your Ford Explorer is not only possible but something you can enjoy. ATS has 90 days money back trial guaranty when you joined them. Solutions to Ford Explorer 4X4 transmission problems in ATS are only a click away.

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