Chilton’s auto repair manuals, the diys favorite automotive tool!

Chilton auto repair manuals have been published for sometime covering books dating back to 1940s.


When one needs an auto repair manual, Chilton auto repair manuals always come into our mind because they one of the first pioneers of do it your self system of self reliance. Published by Nichols Publishing, it has served thousands if not millions of vehicle owners for a long time. On their publishing facility, they have a complete teardown shop where any vehicle is dis-assembled, analyzed by editors and technicians alike so they can give you the latest information on car repairs.

Using the latest equipment in their digital imaging studio, all pictures are taken about almost anything automotive on various vehicles like cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles, recreational vehicles including boat and marine equipment for the marine industry. Coverage includes all types of wiring diagrams, vacuum diagrams, factory maintenance procedures, extensive diagnostic courses and common automotive repair procedure such as engine rebuilding, chassis electrical systems, tune ups, power trains, brake systems, steering and suspension systems. All of these systems are described in detail and accompanied by illustrative pictures.

All information is presented in a user friendly format so that any drivers can understand it in all levels of proficiency in auto repairs. All types of vehicles are included from General Motors to Ford and Chrysler including those ones that folded up long time ago (if you put up a request in their publishing store). The same goes through with imported vehicles which includes both the Asian and European models starting from the time they were introduced in North America.

For some time now, Chilton Auto Repair Manuals have introduced their Chilton Collectors Edition Manuals targeting vehicle owners of rare and classical vehicles. These manuals are presented in hard cover that includes extensive information of the vintage vehicle not available anywhere.

Brief history of Chilton Publishing Company

Chilton publishing Company started as a weekly periodicals specializing in automotive repair in the 1920s from West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After publishing extensive publications in the automotive industry, they expanded to other publishing sectors like novels, naval history including children’s books and magazines. In 1985, Chilton Publishing became a part of Capital Cities which was bought out by Walt Disney which in turned later merged with multi media giant ABC networks in 1997. In 2003, the automotive publishing rights were bought out by the Thompson Corporation. Its no wonder Chilton auto repair has emerged a leader in automotive publishing just basing on the interest by the big companies who tried to own it.

Tip for finding Chilton Auto Repair Manual

If you are looking for the right automotive repair manual for your particular vehicle, you can get it quickly by searching it online by typing your type of vehicle and model year. If you are in a hurry and want to save money, you can access EBay or and all available manuals will be shown to you. If you own a later model vehicle, it is easy to find a Chilton auto repair manual by going to your nearest automotive parts store located in your area.

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