Cheap tools for tracing wiring diagram

When tracing automotive wiring diagrams, it is not required to use expensive tools to solve your wiring problems. If you have the cheap tools that ATS recommends and there is a parts store near you, you should be able to check most of your wiring problems.


Most modern day garages update their equipment every year for one reason: to fix more vehicles at record time, which can result to more profit. However, there is no need for you to do this if you are only looking after the familys vehicles. If you have these tools that I recommend below, you should be able to handle most of your vehicle problems. Remember too, as you get to work on your vehicle often, you will get familiar with it and you will be the first to know if there is a problem especially if you drive it everyday or you do the regular car maintenance

Here are the some cheap automotive electrical tools I would recommend for a handy man:

# 4 feet long jumper wire (usually gage 16) with alligator clips

# Soldering gun and solder kit

# *A digital voltmeter that can read under 1 volt.

# A set of inexpensive pliers for cutting and connecting wires.

# 12 volts test light tester

# **A set of pins about 1 inch long for piercing wires.

# ***A box of electrical connectors for different sizes of wires


* With low impedance to prevent damage to sensors and computers.

** For testing computer wires and computer terminals.

*** Must include a crimping tool plier.

With these tools, you can handle most of your cars problem. If not, the problem is so difficult that it is really meant for the garages. Garage mechanics should not be paid $100 an hour to fix easy problems, but it will happen if you don’t do it yourself.


Most car repair problems involving wirings are common easy problem that can be fixed by the owner if proper information is available.

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