Vehicle ownership cost comparison among hybrid, diesel and gas engines

Before buying your next vehicle, you might consider not only to help your pocket but help save the earth for its limited natural resources.

In 2014, there is a race among vehicle manufacturers to produce the most fuel efficient non emission engines especially those hybrids and latest hydrogen engine slated to come from Japan. Not only we should be thoughtful on how this technology being created but ask yourself if an ordinary person is able to repair it themselves? I think this is the bottom line. As vehicles are getting more complex, it will only allow people with money to drive those vehicles!

This is what I mean and I hope not to offend those high tech vehicle makers who cannot produced a cheap affordable hybrid or gas engine that ordinary people can afford for under $20k. Besides, it must be user friendly so that an ordinary owner does not have to get a college degree to repair themselves.

Example, what really revolutionized car ownership in the early 20th century is when Henry Ford first invented mass production of cars in early 1900s. Because of this, even ordinary people could buy CHEAP affordable transportantion.

Top 2014 vehicle total cost ownership:

Comparing Ownership cost over 5 years (reported by Consumer Reports 2014)

Toyota Camry Hybrid $6500

Volkswagen Passat TDI (diesel) $6500

Honda Accord (4 cyl) $6750

Ford Fusion (4 cyl) $7000

Chevrolet Impala (3.6L) $8250

Chrysler 200 (V6) $8500

Volkswagen Passat (V6 gas) $9250

These cost average includes everything from buying, paying insurance, interest, maintenance, resale value (etc). Now look who is on top? Toyota Hybrid but I doubt it very much because basically the dealer OWNS you. If the anything fails, only them are authorized to fix it. Not even ordinary independent garage will touch it because of the technology involved.

Have you tried going to the dealer for ANY repairs? Most of the time they have the upperhand on labor and parts prices. You just cant refuse it because of warranty which can be voided if you refuse their offers to repair.

Now take a look at Volkswagen Passat TDI Diesel, it about the same as hybrid but this is the BIGGEST diference: if you got stranded in the bush or out of town, even a small independent garage can fix it as long as he has the code scanners and diagrams to use. Engine is tough because it is high compression using thick metal walls for compression.

The closest North American counterpart is Ford fusion which is already $500 more to own and gets worst once you buy a Chevy Impala and Chrysler 200 which are almost $2500 more to own. On the same token, if you switch to a gas engine Volkwagen Passat, it could cost you a staggering $3000 (almost).

Buying Trends Outside of North America:

Most countries in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa including most of Russia and Australia use diesel engines as a popular choice among vehicle buyers. The choice is obvious when you consider the need for a reliable car which does not need a lot of maintenance. Remember, anytime a car manufacturer allows you to fix their vehicles, it gives you CONTROL!

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