2013 Ford Focus starting problems after collision

Car problem:

This car was involved on a front end total collision hitting the area where the PCM sits. Body shop knows Ford warranty will not cover it but goes ahead and put a used pcm from another wrecked Focus with similar model year. No start. What will you do first without going to the dealer or any garage? Test below will show anybody can do this with simple tools and a few wiring diagram (see the rough diagram below).

Other symptoms:

Front air bags deployed but put back by the body shop.

No communication with BCM (body control module) when using a scanner.

Tools required:

You have to do this with practical troubleshooting tools like $50-$100 scanner with live data, digital voltmeter and jumper wires.

2013 Ford Focus PCM Wiring

Test procedure 1:

Get hold of wiring diagrams as shown above. You can get them for free from your local parts store or Online from ATS.

Using performance diagram page 1 of 5:

Check wiring for bcm wakeup connection

PCM terminal pin 14 with blue dotted color wire going to pin 32 of BCM. This is your wake up signal from the bcm to enable or make the PCM to function. Test this wire between pin 14 and 32 for continuity. Any reading below 0.4 ohm is good. If over, check for shorts or poor connections between the 2 modules. Do it with battery disconnected.

Test P procedure 2:

Check PCM wiring supply

Looking at the fuse junction box, check fuse 23 that powers the ignition relay at pin 87 which in turn powers the PCM power relay during starting at pin 30. Note that at starting also, the PCM sends ground to the PCM power relay's pin 85 thru PCM's pin 27. To verify, the following PCM power terminal pins should have 12 volts: pin5 and pin6 (VWPR). These power terminals are only activated AFTER the BCM pin 32 wake up signal is received by the PCM.

Quick tests:

1.) Looking at the DLC pin connectors at page 1 of computer data line diagram, verify 12 volts between pins 4/5 and pin 16. This shows the BCM and PCM are powered up with key on.

2.) Test for 60 ohms between pin 6 and pin 14 to check bus communication. If used pcm is good, 60 ohms will be present. If not, disconnect PCM to verify if 60 ohms is restored.

All these above tests should lead you to the fix or if you need assistance, contact ATS.

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