2008 Toyota Prius 1.5L starting code

Hybrid Question:

Hi this 2008 Prius has multiple U codes and not sure how to proceed. You see this is a hybrid vehicle and I wonder if the computer data bus testing we do on non hybrid cars is the same? Not touching the high voltage circuits by using ATS wiring diagrams ( I plan to work on the 12 volt electrical circuits only).

ATS Adviser:

The computer data bus lines wiring diagram shows that it still uses the same 12 volt basic CAN bus network system. The DLC terminal is accessed as the control panel where pin 6 and pin 14 are the high speed bus wires.

The major high speed modules having CAN H and CAN L bus wires are power steering ecu, engine ecu, hybrid vehicle ecu, battery ecu, skid control ecu, steering sensor, yaw rate sensor and gateway ecu. All of these can be isolated one at a time (disconnected) while monitoring resistance at pin 6 and 14 when engine is off. This will verify if any ecu or sensor is taking down the bus network.

To verify for wiring short to power or ground, hook up a battery booster at 12v battery of the ICE (internal combustion engine not the main HV battery at the back). Then check the power and ground terminals using the wiring diagram. Example, for engine ecu, 12 volts should be available at crank/cam sensor red wires.

If done properly, the scanner u fault codes can be eliminated and verified at the dash panel when it says OK by the READY LIGHT indicator. To prevent injury, make sure to check the voltages of any component before touching same. On high voltage circuit, most garages uses a high resistance tester called Megohmmeter.

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