2008 Jeep Wrangler no start bad ground

SUV problem:

Why would a new starter not work on this jeep? Cant believe 2 rebuilt starters that we have installed are defective. Funny thing is when we started it, it only clicked once and then nothing? No sound but just made one click as if the engine is seized up and won't turn over. By the way, I tried getting the code and I got: P0706 trans range sensor For insurance, I replaced the transmission range sensor and after installation...same one click from the starter? I could turn the flywheel manually so there's nothing wrong with the engine. I also use a jumper wire direct from battery to the yellow gray wire of the starter relay and it worked except the engine won't start?

ATS Adviser:

This looks like a ground problem and you can check this quickly by using a jumper wire between battery negative terminal and vehicle frame or use the starter housing itself. If the starter now works, check the PCM terminal pins 9, 13, 14 and 18. These are the ground wires that the PCM is using to operate the starting circuit. Try tracing these wires near the starter harness or near the battery and chances are these ground wire connections are loose. Sometimes, the bolt that holds the connector might have been disturbed and was not tighten properly.

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