2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 3.3L stall misfire

Car problem:

This 2008 Grand Caravan is giving me fits. It makes the engine misfire and stalls. It can occur anytime but it starts right away if you wait a couple of minutes. It showed a crank sensor and random misfire codes when scanned. Replaced the crank sensor and it stayed the same. For some reason, the misfiring quits if I unplug the alternator connector. So I replaced the alternator too. Guess what? Same problem. I am thinking maybe the ecm next to replace but I am not sure. Any ideas?

ATS Adviser:

Since the misfire goes away when you unhook the alternator connector, it might have an open or short in the wirings. To verify, measure the AC voltage of the middle wire (red gray wire) which is your field wire. Reading should not be higher than 0.2 volt AC. If out of range, run a jumper wire between that wire to pin 24 of the ecm terminal. Then start the engine and see if missing stops. If it does, that wire line is the culprit.


Amazing! When I measure the continuity of that field wire, it was open. Ran my own wire and the miss is gone! Note: after reading other fixes that has a similar symptoms like this was fixed by replacing the spark plug wires. This will likely happened if NGK plug wires (aftermarket brand) are used. Beware: use only OEM or dealer plug wires for this vehicle!

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