2007 Toyota Prius Touring 1.5L hybrid battery

Hybrid Question:

I had the HV battery replaced on this vehicle by the dealer a few months ago and the dash panel indicator now says the state of charge (SOC) is low. Is there a way to charge this battery without going to the dealer again?

ATS Adviser:

There are a few independent suppliers of HV chargers available if you Google it. However, as a vehicle owner, there are only 2 choices in fixing the low SOC problem:

1) Send it to a Toyota dealer to charge the HV battery.

2) Ask the the dealer to replace the HV battery.

Both of these options above are expensive and you can do it yourself as long as you use these guidelines:

The HV battery SOC indicator in your dash has to show 60% capacity or more to be able to start and run the vehicle.

1.) Disconnecting the 12v battery supply of the ICE (internal combustion engine) and it will restore HV battery SOC to 60%.

2.) Disconnect the fuse at the HV ecu junction box connections.

Next, to be able to do all of these, you need to have a complete 2002 Toyota Prius Touring hybrid wiring diagram and the necessary tools like insulated gloves to protect you from high voltage during troubleshooting process. Finally, get an online mechanic to help you diagnose the problem using Toyota hybrid troubleshooting process in case there are any hybrid codes or specifications that is out of range.

In case there is a hybrid code, you need to fix that first before replacing the HYBRID battery. This is the root cause of the problem.

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