2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee no crank transmission light on

SUV problem:

This Jeep does start and crank after driving it for an hour. My customer also reported that the transmission overheating light came on which I verified to be true. This must be transmission related problem and maybe a system of protecting the transmission. If I let it cool down, it will start. Suggestions?

ATS Adviser:

There is a temperature sensor inside your transmission located in the valve body that monitors the transmission temperature. The light indicates that the limit was breached. To monitor this, compare the temp reading by checking the actual temperature thru the dipstick (you might need a temp probe long enough to reach the fluid) and what is shown in your scanner.

If they are the same then it means the transmission fluid inside is overheating which can be caused by plugged oil cooler, faulty cooling fan or defective temp monitoring circuit. If not, the valve body assembly has to be replaced which include the temperature sensor which cannot be replaced by itself.

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