Car problem question:

My daughter's 2007 Civic 1.8L engine is surging at over 1000 rpm even at idle and the check engine (mil) light is on. Scanned the codes P0507 and it showed a fault at idle air control. Using the common fixes, I did the following: cleaned the mass sensor, OK; replaced the map sensor and that's OK too. Using my generic scanner, the TPS sensor/actuator readings were out of calibration so I changed that too. I have to buy a complete throttle body because the TPS parts are inside it and not sold separately. Still not fixed! Got so frustrated on this so I checked the dealer's mechanic and he said the fix is to reflash the computer, is he correct?

ATS Adviser:

Those Honda mechanics have advance information that must have come from their Honda service bulletins. I would suggest that you follow his suggestion. Just make sure there is no vacuum leak in the before giving the vehicle to the dealer. There is an extensive coverage of vacuum testing available in ATS.


Cannot believe it but the surging and mil light were off after the ecm reflash!

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